A quick way to make horrific-looking, unreadable reports.

What’s the quickest way of making your report look rubbish and/or be unreadable? It’s simple, design it for one delivery format (A4 printed page, plasma, PowerPoint, Blackberry etc.) and then put in on another delivery medium. You know the symptoms, an Excel table pasted into a PowerPoint slide, a PDF that you can’t read on your phone. We’ve all been the victim of it and quite a few of you will be perpetrators as well.

The solution? Decide on your deliver medium before you develop your dashboard and report. If you need to change delivery medium then admit that you are in fact developing a new report or dashboard. It’s a tough message to deliver to your customer, but the fudge of squeezing or stretching the document into the wrong size isn’t going to do you (or your customer) any favours either.

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