Are you confused by your own MI? A half day course

Are you confused by the reports and measures that are supposed to inform you? Do you have meetings where managers blame unpalatable messages on issues with reporting and data?

Bernie’s belief is “If you don’t understand a report, the report is badly designed”.

In this half day course on report design and usability you will learn:

  • How research into perception, psychology and memory can make your reports as easy to understand as a weather forecast
  • How to present data that can be understood in less than a second
  • The best ways to use the tools you already have (like Excel) to create results you never though possible, using our unique BareBones graphs.

The session can also include a practical hands-on workshop session looking at your existing reports and seeing how you transform them into simpler, easier to understand and clearer documents.

A few questions you may have:

  • How many people can attend? – It’s an intense half day course for a maximum of 12 people.
  • What does it cost? – £2000 +VAT (that’s for 12 people, not per head)
  • Are you just going to preach at me? – No, this session is an interactive exploration of the subject.
  • Are you going to try and sell me something? – No, all the techniques described will be applicable to your existing software and systems.
  • What if we get nothing from it? – You get your money back, no questions asked.
  • If you have any further questions, why not give us a call on the number below or email your question to [email protected]

How do I book?

For tailored version of any of these services contact Bernie




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