BlinkReportingWho is this workbook for? 

BlinkReporting is for you if you:

– Need to produce or revise dashboards and reports
– Find your current reports and dashboards confusing
– Are frustrated by the length, complexity and structure of your existing reports
– Have many different styles of dashboards and reports in use and want to simplify things
– Need to create a consistent “house style” that can be replicated by different teams
– Want to look like a star by creating reports and dashboards that your internal customers love


How will it help me?

Step-by-step examples showing how you can create brilliant, clear and useful reports and dashboards. (Examples are for Excel 2003 – still the most common version in general business use)

Learn about the science behind the design principles, enabling you to understand a tweak the approach to really me your target audiences specific needs.

Tools that will help you systematically analyse and improve your dashboards and reports.

What do I get?

  • An eBook download (PDF) with 87 A4 (letter if you are American) pages of hints, tips, lots of illustrations and detailed instructions.
  • A simple to use Excel book of examples from the book. Perfect to copy and customise for your next dashboard or report.
  • A 5 page Design Checklist PDF to help you pinpoint which parts of your existing reports and dashboards work and which need improvement.

How much is it?

£22 (about $34, depending on exchange rates). Not much if you can impress your boss and transform reporting in your organisation.

What do other customers say about it?

It was the science and psychology behind the reporting that I found fascinating. Very informative, practical read and surprisingly entertaining.”
John Spencer ‘AA Associates’

“I found Made to Measure KPIs entirely by accident whilst looking for some practical KPI help. BlinkReporting is a breath of fresh air, with its task-focussed step-by-step guides and engaging explanations of the science behind those steps.” – Richard Holloway, Boxwood Consulting

Blink Reporting takes the trees away from the wood allowing you to focus in on what’s important to your business. Clear concise and user friendly step by step guides allow for a pleasurable and informative read.” – Simon Snow, Senior Manager, Scottish Widows


Can I see it first?

Yes, you can download the first three chapters here for free.

Great, I’d like to spend £22 and transform my career. Sell me a copy!