Defining KPIs

ROKS KPI Method Infographic

Designing KPIs Infographic

By Bernie | September 1, 2016

How Apple use ‘Observable Consequences’

By Bernie | August 16, 2016

Figuring out how vulnerable your software is to malicious attack has got to be right up there on the ‘hard to measure stuff’ league table. Why? Because anyone who knows how to hack your software probably isn’t going to tell you that they can. The most valuable exploits are the ones that no-one knows about.…

cheat sheet OEE KPI

KPI Cheat Sheet – Making KPIs and Measures Easy to Understand

By Bernie | November 28, 2014

Most KPIs are really badly documented, if they are documented at all No matter which industry, I find three things are consistently true of KPIs KPIs and measures are not fully understood by all of those using them KPIs and measures are poorly documented The documentation that does exist is almost unreadable Performance measurement and…

one way sign - define kpis properly and have one way to calculate them

KPI Definition- 13 questions you need to answer

By Bernie | September 1, 2014

If there’s one simple tool that you can put into action today that will dramatically improve the quality of your KPIs and add a stack of professional credibility to your reputation, good quality KPI definition is it. What I’m about to describe may sound very obvious and simple, but that doesn’t make it any less…

school closed by snow and the wrong KPIs

Defining KPIs: How the wrong KPI shut schools

By Bernie | May 13, 2014

Defining KPIs clearly is crucial. Badly defined KPIs have unfortunate side effects. The cobra effect is one of my favourites. Most people agree that going to school is good for children. This means that there is a government focus on truancy as a measure. Sometimes there are legitimate reasons why children cannot get to school. One such reason is snow. A singular focus on truancy…


Strategy Checklist: Is your strategy ready to support meaningful measures and KPIs?

By Bernie | January 18, 2013

Why is a strategy checklist important? Imagine a friend saying to you “Can you pop out to the hardware store and buy a tool for me?”. Obviously, your first question would be “What kind of tool are you looking for?” Deciding on your measures and KPIs without having a clear strategy is exactly like going…

30 Second Tip: Seek out pain

By Bernie | June 22, 2012

  Measure things that are not in control. Organisations tend to shy away from this, as the message initially looks grim. If you are trying to improve things then it’s essential to measure the things that are not working properly.

A plain English guide to OEE

By Bernie | April 30, 2012

OEE stands for Overall Equipment Effectiveness. It is a very commonly used efficiency measure. What do we mean by efficiency? Put simply, it is “How much did we make, compared with how much we could have made.” OEE splits our efficiency down into three categories. The idea here is that we can get some understanding…


KPI Definition Checklist

By Bernie | August 25, 2011

It’s all too easy to end up with poorly defined KPIs. If this happens then there may be confusion about the purpose or definition of a KPI. Confusion leads to mistrust and disuse. Use this checklist to see if each of your KPIs and measures is well defined: KPI Name: Use a “what-it-say-is-what-it-is” type name, so that it doesn’t…

What is a KPI? Explanation video, with kittens

By Bernie | July 26, 2011

So what is a KPI? What is a KPI? You see them every day, but probably don’t even think of them as KPIs. If you are watching your weight, then the figure on the scales is a KPI – it’s a measure that you think is important. If you want to keep your driving license,…