Dashboard and Report Design

Choosing the best reporting tool for your KPIs

cartoon person reading report

The chances are your preferred tool for managing your KPIs will be a spreadsheet. Whilst spreadsheets are a good solution for many, it’s worth remembering that there are alternative options for recording, displaying and managing performance data. For certain situations, one of these alternatives may be the best reporting tool for your organisation. Here’s a…

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Free Excel Dashboard Templates

Building dashboards is something many of us have to do on a regular basis. Designing dashboards is often a gut-feel exercise. Are you are fed up with debates about which colours to use, how much data to put on a graph and when to use colour? The good new is that there are research-based principles that give…

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Report Engagement, 10 essential lessons from spam email

Tin of spam. Holds the key to report engagement

I hate spam, so I am reading a book on marketing emails (Email Marketing Rules: A Step by Step Guide to the Best Practices that Power Marketing Success by Chad White) to figure out how to create engaging emails that people actually want to read and open. Reading the list I realised these rules hold…

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Assessing Report Design Objectively – Avoiding Fights

Four out of five score on blackboard

There are three situations where it can be a good idea to have a structured review of your reports and dashboards… If some of your team are in denial about the need to change existing reports You want some clear ideas on what needs to be included in improved dashboards or reports You have an…

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Who is this workbook for?  BlinkReporting is for you if you: – Need to produce or revise dashboards and reports – Find your current reports and dashboards confusing – Are frustrated by the length, complexity and structure of your existing reports – Have many different styles of dashboards and reports in use and want to…

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Improved KPI reports by understanding thumbs

There’s a very interesting article in the Guardian on mobile software design for the real world. One of the points they make is, through watching phone users, the authors of Polar have established that 49% of users drive their phone apps with just one thumb. This is interesting to the app designers for all kinds…

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Using Index KPIs to make more space in your dashboards and reports.

Here’s how to fix it: A step-by-step guide to creating ‘Index KPIs’ Time to read: 10 minutes It’s a pretty common situation. You decide to try and fit all your measures on one A4/foolscap side. After lots of haggling, and increasing use of small font sizes, you can just about squeeze everything on one page…

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Using 5S to improve report and dashboard design

5S is a tool that lots of manufacturing businesses use. It’s a funny tool as it can look quite superficial unless you have been involved in a project where it has been applied properly. What people often miss is the mindset that goes along with it. When you start living and breathing 5S some quite…

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How good are your reports? A design checklist.

The Brilliant Dashboards Checklist: A systematic approach to assessing your dashboard You may be trying to work out why your current reports aren’t working properly or wondering if you missed anything on your newly created masterpiece. This design checklist encourages you to consider each element of your design and to score it if you are…

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