Painful report production? Why you should be worried…

The problem with a good Reporting/MI/Analytics team is that they make it all look too easy. They will often go through a very painful report production process (particularly for executive meetings) and deliver against all the odds. This usually involves heroic efforts of chasing, data manipulation and spreadsheet gymnastics. The reports get generated and the Reporting/MI/Analytics […]

Free tool: Excel Action Tracking Template

On most projects I end up putting together this Excel action tracking template. It’s a minor job, but a bit fiddly. I had a look on Google recently and couldn’t find a simple tracker template that worked well, so I designed one. It’s a little off-theme for this site, but very useful I think. Most KPI […]

30 Second Tip: An obvious thing that never gets done….

Define you measures. Make sure each measure is clearly described, has an owner, has a documented way of calculating it, the source of the information, what it’s intended to do, how it should be reported and what action should be taken based on what it’s saying. Here is a KPI Definition Checklist that will help you do […]

30 Second Tip: Time to be be brutal….

Ditch measures that are not useful. Often measures are retained as they are “interesting”. If the measures are not useful, and used, consider ditching them. 30 Second Tip: Time to be be brutal…. was last modified: November 11th, 2013 by Bernie

Real life measures: Measuring efficiency in offices

Who is this article for? This article is a fairly technical article aimed at people who are looking to measure the efficiency or productivity of teams in an office-based environment, want a guide on how to measure efficiency and the system options for doing this.   Article facts: Word count: 1320 Approximate time to read: […]

9 Things you should never do in Excel

Excel rules the roost when it comes to real-world management information. It’s easy to knock it, but millions of people find it quick and painless to use. There are some things you just should not do in Excel. Here’s my highly subjective list. Never….   Use Excel as a database. OK, I know you are […]

4 Dos and Don’ts For Leveraging KPIs to Improve Business Results

Rewind 20 years ago, our systems and processes did not always provide the data and reporting that we needed to effectively run our business. Today, with the incredible advances in most CRM, BPM, ERM (insert acronym here) systems, we often have too many numbers available to us. There are real time, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly […]

Setting up your meetings well – 10 point checklist

I’ve sat through a lot of meetings. Many of them were terrible and ineffective. There are a lot of different aspects to a good meeting, some are easier to fix than others. Fortunately one of the most common failings is relatively easy to fix with some careful thought and discussion, namely “What is the purpose […]

Why being bad can be good – Targets, measures and dissonance

I’ve often found that people often get very uncomfortable if you change a measure to show poorer perfomance even if you lower the target proportionately. Let me give you an example. I worked with a paper manufacturer a few years ago. Their (flawed) efficiency measure showed them bobbing between 95 and 105% efficiency. Anyone with […]

Data Production – 10 Point Checklist

How good is your organisation a producing the data you need? (we aren’t talking about analysis, see this analysis checklist for that). Carefully answer these questions (you can use a 1-5 scale to improve the resolution of the checklist, where 1 is low/poor and 5 is high/strong). Does data arrive in a structured way, ready […]