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Envisionable ‘Business Operating System’ Review

What is Envisionable? The Envisionable site describes their tool as a ‘Small Business Operating System’. I’d not come across this term before, but as you start to explore the tool it starts to become clear why they use this description. Envisionable is what I call a ‘one stop shop’. It’s easy to talk in the…

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Tibco Spotfire 4.5 Hands-On Review

What is Spotfire? Spotfire is a BI (business intelligence) tool that enables you to explore and represent “big data” sets. It’s one of a class of tools that focus on making it easy to explore masses of data without being a database ninja. It’s head-to-head with tools like Tableau and Qlikview. I’d previously been put…

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First look – Qlikview Review – Version 10 Personal Edition

As promised in my last “first look” review, I’m taking Qlikview 10 for a spin. For those of you not familiar with Qlickview it’s a data visualization tool that’s designed to make the creation of ad-hoc reports and dashboards, from existing data, quick and simple. Installation Getting hold of Qlikview is a matter of registering…

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First look – Tableau 6.1, Data Visualisation Software

I spend most of my time with clients trying to get more out of their existing tools, more often than not some combination of an ERP tool (JDEdwards, SAP etc.) a selection of more “pure” databases such as Oracle, Access, SQL and a lot of spreadsheets. All of these tools have well understood strengths and…

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