KPIs for Complex Organisations – The ‘ROKS Express Advanced™’ Method

Dealing with noisy data


Index measures - Rolling several measures into one

When you see a 'fitness score' on your watch, check the S&P 500 or check a credit rating, you are using an Index. Index KPIs are measures where you combine several KPIs into one to give an overview of complex situations.

The advantages of Index measures are...

  • A more balanced view than you would get simply reviewing the 'most important' of a basket of KPIs (i.e. leaving out some measures)
  • An 'at a glance' overview of complex situations
  • Save space on dashboards and reports without over-simplifying the situation

Here are some practical blogs to help you build your first Index KPI

Building an Index KPI, Part 1

Building an Index KPI, Part 2


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