KPI Design Masterclass Workshop

Led by the inventor of KPI Trees, Bernie Smith

Date: 29th May 2020, 09:30-17:30

Duration: 1 day

Location: Amsterdam

Price: €899 per delegate

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Here's the problem...

As a young manager I often found myself holding out for a ‘performance measures expert’ to help me and my team identify and measure the right things in our business. I was hoping there was an ’expert on [insert industry here] KPIs’ who would ‘tell us what we needed to measure’. Mostly we wouldn’t find anyone with the right expertise, or if we did, we quickly realised that they were simply people with strong opinions and low self-doubt. A few years into my career many people turned to ‘ready-made solutions’ like Balanced Score Card, to try and short-cut the KPI design process. It quickly gets you to a set of KPIs, but often leaves gaps and nagging doubts, particularly for more complex and niche businesses.

Can someone, anyone, help?

Fed up with relying on mythical experts and unhappy with the idea of scavenging ‘other people’s KPIs’ from the internet, I decided to find a better way. I read, and read, and read. Even though I was highly motivated, the books were slow, so boring and very, very long. I realised there needed to be a better approach - one that was visual. I couldn’t find a method that met my needs (not even close), so I created one. It’s a seven-step method, the Results Orientated KPI System - ROKS, built around a powerful performance measures design tool - KPI Trees. The method walks you through the seven core steps to translate your organisational objectives into meaningful KPIs for your business. KPI Trees are at the heart of the ROKS process, helping you identify all of the KPIs you need to consider.

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What makes this approach special?

KPIs have got a terrible reputation for being complex, confusing and boring. I don’t like feeling bored and I hate feeling stupid. So I created the ROKS method and KPI Trees so that anyone could learn to build and implement powerful KPIs without having to read ‘War and Peace’. KPI Trees have several unique benefits…

  1. If you can define your objectives, you can build KPI Tree for any situation.
  2. The KPI Tree for your organisation will give you a deeper insight into your business than you have ever had before.
  3. KPI Trees are really easy to read and understand and are a great way to communicate the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of performance measurement.
  4. KPI Trees are easy to adapt, update and tweak as your business develops and evolves.
  5. KPI Trees can show highly complex relationships, across functional silos and responsibilities, giving a complete view of your organisation.
Sample KPI Tree Artwork - slim

If it’s so simple, why the workshop?

Most of the ROKS method is straight-forward to pick up from a book (‘KPI Checklists’ is the definitive guide to the ROKS method) but the core of the ROKS method, KPI Trees, really benefits from face-to-face training. Reviewing KPI Trees is very simple, but designing and building KPI Trees takes a little more time, practise and experience - it’s a ‘knack’ that needs to be developed and nurtured. That’s what this workshop is all about.

Note - Some of the form headings and the booking button are in Dutch, but don't worry - the course is all in English!

What you will cover…

The highly-interactive session, running from 09:30 to 16:30, covering…

  • The ROKS approach, and where KPI Trees fit
  • Getting your strategy ready for KPI selection
  • KPI Tree basics
  • Pitfalls and how to use the ’Three Cs’ to break your objectives down.
  • Link types - which to use and how they can prevent a business catastrophe
  • Getting the KPI Tree levels right (with card game) - so you don’t go in circles
  • Multiple interactive examples, building up gradually in complexity
  • The practical tools and techniques for building your own KPI Trees - software and techniques
  • The opportunity to make a start on your own KPI Tree, with input from Bernie
  • Ten sample KPI Trees for reference and re-use (exclusive to this workshop)
  • How to ‘Shortlist’ KPIs generated using KPI Trees
  • How to build bullet-proof definitions for your final KPI selection
  • Setting up and running KPI Tree workshops in your organisation - practical guide and checklists
  • Wrap-up and questions

Note: Building a full business KPI Tree will typically take 6-8 hours of workshop time, spread over three sessions. In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to start your own KPI Tree, but you will need to allow extra time after the session to fully develop and complete it.

What’s included

  • Small-group training from the inventor of KPI Trees, Bernie Smith
  • A complimentary copy of KPI Checklists, your guide to the ROKS approach
  • Electronic copies of all the templates discussed including six workshop-exclusive ‘foundation KPI Trees’ samples…
    • Financial
    • Sales Value and Sales Activity
    • Efficiency, Yield and Waste
    • Procurement and Supply
    • Call, Email and Webchat Handling
    • Recruitment
  • Comprehensive, colour, course notes and exercise book
  • ‘KPI Tree Practitioner’ certification from Made to Measure KPIs, signed off by Bernie Smith
  • Lunch and refreshments throughout the day

Note - Some of the form headings and the booking button are in Dutch, but don't worry - the course is all in English!

Who the workshop is for…

This course is for anyone who…

  • Needs to translate their strategic objectives into clear, well defined, KPIs.
  • Is looking for a structured, clear and simple-to-follow method.
  • Wants to create a common ‘way we do KPIs’ approach across their organisation.
  • Doesn’t like ‘death by PowerPoint’, and likes practical, hands-on workshops.

Do I need to be a ‘KPI ninja’ to join this workshop?

No, each topic is gently introduced from first principles and using plenty of graded practical exercises, so you aren’t expected to have any previous experience or knowledge. The course size is strictly limited to ensure that you can get personal feedback and help as the day progresses.

Is any preparation needed?

If you want to start developing a KPI Tree for your organisation, then bring a short list (between two and seven) of the strategic objectives. This will get you off to a good start and help you make the most of your workshop time. If you don’t have a specific application in mind, there’s a ‘backup’ case study you can use. The choice is yours. You will be sent detailed guidance when you sign up and we are always happy to discuss this before you join the course.

Other than that, all you need to do is to turn up to the session on-time with an open mind.

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What makes this workshop special?

• There are only 12 places on offer.
• You will be given copies of KPI Tree tools and templates only available to course attendees.
• Training and coaching by the creator of the KPI Tree approach - Bernie Smith.

This session will provide career-changing skills for those looking to lead the KPI process, not just implement the ideas of others.


The cost €899 +VAT per delegate.

There are only twelve places, so book your space right now.

Note - Some of the form headings and the booking button are in Dutch, but don't worry - the course is all in English!

What have previous delegates thought of Bernie’s KPI workshops?

Here are some quotes from a recent workshop in Riyadh…

The program is excellent and I loved ROKS method since it is so easy to understand and apply.

The session was meticulously prepared and well organised.

Great program to understand KPIs, practical methodology, the flow of the examples and exercises is excellent and helps you understand KPIs easily.

The workshop was really thorough and had many practical exercises that made understanding KPIs so easy and applicable. The program will help me in my career and on personal level.

An amazing and professional workshop.

The session covered everything you need to understand KPIs.

The training was great and interactive, and had many examples and exercises that make you to understand KPIs easily.

The program is comprehensive and has all the tools you need to work with KPIs. The exercises connect well to the ROKS approach to build understanding.

A practical approach that was simplified and applicable for all levels.

Great content and expert instructor!

A useful session to introduce the importance of KPIs and get buy-in from managers. In addition, it is a useful program for employees to understand how KPIs are built and how they affect corporates and individuals.

The training was excellent, and the examples and practicable exercises help to connect the methodology and make it easy to understand selecting the KPIs. Bernie has great knowledge and experience in the field - which brought the workshop to life.

The comments were recorded in Arabic and translated by my hosts - thanks Ibrahim!

Current average workshop feedback score: 92%