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 Calendar Icon 25-6 October 2016     Location icon Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London

 Calendar Icon 28-9 February 2017   Location icon Edinburgh

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Practical KPIs Workshop - Downloadable Guide 1.71 MB 298 downloads

A downloadable guide outlining the purpose and content of the 2 day Practical KPIs...

Do you feel like choosing and implementing KPIs should be easier?

There are plenty of dry academic theory books on KPIs and measures, but few properly structured methods that actually help you start at the beginning and support you all the way through to effective performance measures that enable your organisation to deliver on its strategic goals.

Do these symptoms sound familiar?

  • Confusing reports and dashboards
  • Difficulty in knowing how your organisation is actually performing
  • Lone-hero attempts to improve measures, that are not adopted or used by the wider organisation
  • Poorly designed measures which make end-to-end measurement difficult, or impossible
  • KPI, dashboard and report overload
  • Meetings based on opinion rather than solid data

Sainsburys-Workshop-01Who the course is for…

This course is for anyone who…

  • Needs to translate their strategic objectives into a sensible number of practical and effective KPIs
  • Is looking for a structured, clear and straightforward-to-follow method for selecting and implementing performance measures
  • Is looking for practical “In this situation, here’s what you need to do next” advice, supported with step-by-step checklists.
  • Wants to create a common ‘way we do KPIs’ approach across their organisation
  • Is looking for a ‘ready to use’ toolkit, including workshop guides, templates and reference manual
  • Doesn’t like ‘death by PowerPoint’, and benefits from hands-on examples

You will get best value from the workshop if you have a specific goal or KPI need in mind and are able to use this in the interactive sessions throughout the two days. Having said that there is a ‘backup’ case study which you can work through if you are not able to use a relevant example from your organisation. The choice is yours. You will be sent detailed guidance on the best materials or examples to bring along with you and Bernie is always happy to discuss this before you join the course.

The core of the workshop – the ROKS® method….

The course is based around the ROKS® – Results Orientated KPI System – developed by Bernie from years of practical hands-on experience and featured in his top-selling book KPI Checklists (Amazon link here).

Of course you get much, much more from the course – carefully structured case studies, a custom high-quality workshop manual and workbook, discussion and the chance to be coached by Bernie, you can read the book reviews below for yourself and feel comfortable that the approach is sensible and accessible.

The basics of the ROKS® method are in Bernie’s book, KPI Checklists, and here’s what readers thought of that..

Group Boxshot of KPI Checklists

“I loved this book. Very clear, simple and easy way to fully implement a KPI system. The book applied Lean principles and didn’t leave out the need to assess, improve and manage the data that comprises the KPIs. Simply outstanding!”

By Marcus Jennings on November 28, 2015

“The author picked a brilliant format for this book using checklists. Not a single word of waste, just jam packed with exactly what you need to do, how and when you should do it in order to launch or a improve a system of continual improvement in your business. He starts the book with a wide funnel of WHY use a checklist, WHAT do you want to improve, HOW are you going to change, etc. Next he moves on to how to conduct a workshop to determine KPI’s, who to invite, what to do, and even gives you the templates and why you should use them. No stone is left unturned as he moves on to what roadblocks typically come up along with possible solutions. I especially appreciated the attention to detail regarding data gathering steps and the typical issues of getting data for your KPI’s (and how to solve them). He even goes into a checklist of how to construct the KPI dashboard itself. This book has spoiled me in that I will now expect other “how to” books to be as easy to follow and condensed as this one. Job well done.”

By James B. on November 20, 2014 

Amazon reviews average scores, May 2016, 4.9 in US and 4.4 in the UK

With the workshop you get the basics of the ROKS® method and much more…

What we cover in our Practical KPIs Workshop

Both days are highly interactive, with workbook, group and individual exercises peppered throughout the sessions. Here are the topics…




Workshop Session IconsDay 1

Choosing your KPIs the right way
  • The three selection methods you should use, and when to use each
  • The one method you need to be careful with
  • The two KPI approaches you should never use
Making sure your strategy is ‘KPI ready’
  • Testing your strategy for readiness
  • Identifying common problems
  • Using the right language to help you build KPIs
How the checklist approach works and why you need to use it
  • The fascinating story behind checklists
  • The impact well applied checklists can have
  • How to apply checklists effectively
Building KPI engagement
  • Identifying and managing stakeholders for best engagement and minimum effort
  • Running stakeholder engagement workshops
  • Tactics for effective stakeholder interview
Turning your strategy into KPIs – KPI Trees
  • What a KPI Tree is
  • Benefits of using KPI Trees
  • Plenty of hands-on practise at building KPI Trees
  • Understanding, and showing, how measures interact with each other
  • How to run a KPI Tree workshop
How to measure the ‘impossible’
  • The three tactics that can help you measure almost anything

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Workshop Session IconsDay 2

Process-Based KPIs
  • A simple and reliable way to identify key process measures
  • Applying the approach in a practical group-based exercise
Shortlisting KPIs
  • The simple method for building agreement on what not to measure
  • Plenty of practise at using the shortlisting matrix
  • What is the optimum number of measures to have?
Defining KPIs
  • Common issues and pitfalls
  • The ROKS template approach
  • Practical exercises to test approach
  • Tips on managing your definitions in the real world
Targets, SLAs and disastrous unintended consequences
  • Common target setting mistakes and pitfalls
  • Real world examples of catastrophes caused by poor incentives and targets
  • Team exercise on target setting
Presenting your KPIs – Clear and Effective Dashboard and Report Design
  • Why use a structured design method?
  • A quick summary of the brain science behind good report design
  • Principles and rules for design – a brisk walk through with lots of examples
  • The effect of layout and memory on design and understanding
  • Designing beautiful and effective tables
  • Adding commentary and how to create a style-guide
  • Effective tactics for getting stakeholder buy-in on designs
Small-group analysis of sample reports (including delegate samples, if supplied)
  • Hand-on review of your reports (or provided samples, if you prefer)
Prototyping Reports and Dashboards
  • What prototyping is
  • Choice of tools and templates for prototyping
Going Live
  • Practical data collection. Methods, pros and cons
  • Which are the best tools for collection and analysis?
  • How to reduce KPI production effort
  • Using habit to drive the right behaviour
KPI Roadshows, what they are and how they can help
  • What a KPI roadshow is
  • How it can help
  • How to run one
Common KPI problems
  • The 5 most common KPI problems and strategies for dealing with them
Wrap-up, questions and close

The workshop material is highly accessible, avoiding jargon, abstract ideas and complexity.

We focus on practical examples, frequent group work and interactive sessions.

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What you will take away from the workshop..

  • Spiral-bound workshop reference manual, designed with care and attention – not just a printout of the PowerPoint slides
  • A hard copy of KPI Checklists, second edition (signed if you like!)
  • Memory stick of templates and tools
  • Full case study demonstrating the ROKS® method
  • Membership of the ROKS® community
  • A voucher for 1 hour of remote support from Bernie Smith, valid for 1 year
  • Attendance certificate
  • Accreditation certificate, subject to passing online test (50 question online multichoice, to be taken within 3 months of the course, 75% pass mark)

KPI Checklists Copies for Workshop

What did previous participants think of this workshop?

Here are some quotes from participants (translated from Arabic – Thanks Ibrahim!) in our last workshop (Hosted by ES Consulting, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

  • “The workshop is comprehensive and has many practical exercises that makes understanding KPIs so easy and applicable. The program will help me in my career and personal level.”
  • “The approach is excellent, and the examples and practicable exercises help to connect the methodology and make it easy to understand selecting the KPIs. The instructor has great knowledge and experience in the field that made this program very useful.”
  • “Amazing and professional workshop”
  • “The program covers everything you need to understand KPIs.”
  • “It was excellent and I loved ROKS method – it is easy and applicable.”
  • “The training is great and interactive, and had plenty of examples and exercises that help you to understand KPIs easily.”
  • “It was comprehensive and has all the tools you need to work with KPIs, and the exercises are well connected to enhance the understanding.”
  • “Practical methodology, the flow of the examples and exercises is excellent, and makes you understand KPIs easily.”
  • “A practical approach that was simplified and applicable for all levels.”
  • “Great content and knowledgeable instructor.”
  • “A really useful session to introduce the importance of KPIs and get buy in from managers. In addition, it is a useful program for employees to understand how KPIs are built and how they affect corporates and individuals.”

Average course rating 89%

Here are the original feedback forms from the most recent workshop… Riyadh Workshop Feedback forms

Bernie-PresentingWhat is Bernie’s background?

Learn directly from the creator of the ROKS® – Results Orientated KPI System – Bernie Smith. Bernie has over twenty years experience in delivering performance improvement. He honed his Lean and Six Sigma delivery skills coaching consulting on performance improvement for global manufacturing organisations, such as Kimberly Clark, Coca Cola and Guinness. After ten successful years delivering step-changes in efficiency for these organisations he transitioned to applying these tools to the banking sector, an unusual idea in the early 2000’s. In the following ten years Bernie consulted with every major UK retail bank, many investment banks and multiple associated financial service clients. With a background straddling two very different sectors, but a consistent theme of delivering real-world improvement, Bernie identified that all organisations seemed to struggle with the same critical core issue – performance measurement. Convinced that accessible KPIs can be reliably created using a structured and repeatable approach, Bernie set up Made to Measures KPIs in 2009 and, more recently, KPI Academy. Bernie’s approach is jargon-free and focusses on practical technique that really work.

A facilitator who had ‘done’ as well as ‘trained’. Bernie has over 20 years hands-on

  • Delivering outstanding improvement projects for blue-chip organisations as a Master Black Belt
  • Broad multi-sector experience ranging from cheese making, petrochemical production as well as counting every major UK retail bank amongst his client list
  • Check out Bernie’s Linkedln profile to find out a bit more about him

Recommendations from clients Bernie has coached and trained…

Estelle Clarke Testimonial

Erik Gillet Testimonial

Dan Kent testimonial

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The Workshop Experience

Location iconThe venue

The Oct 2016 workshop will be held in a modern, spacious, dedicated meeting room (the Rosebery Room) at Sadler’s Wells Theatre

Rosebery Room, Saddlers Wells

For anyone not familiar with Sadler’s Wells, it’s a 3 minute walk from Angel Tube Station. Here are some more details on its location and transport links.

Trainer Ratio IconTrainer/attendee ratio

Delegates for each workshop work together in small groups (3-6 people typically).  There will be no more than 3 groups per trainer, with a maximum course size of 30 delegates.

Timing IconTimings and schedule

The workshop starts at 9:30 promptly with tea and coffee available from 9:00 each day. There are coffee breaks in the morning and afternoon on both days. Each session finishes at 17:00, with half an hour for informal discussion afterwards. Typically these discussion sessions are really valuable and could easily run past the half hour available. This is why each ticket includes an hour of free consulting with Bernie, valid for 12 months after the workshop.

Atmosphere IconAtmosphere

Bernie has sat through far too many deadly-dull training courses to inflict ‘death by PowerPoint’ on the audience. Things are kept focussed but relaxed and informal. There are sections where ideas need to be delivered as more ‘traditional’ training, but these are peppered with anecdotes and surprising details. Contribution and discussion brings these sessions alive and is really encouraged. Case studies and group exercises keep things moving along in an interesting way and give a great opportunity to network.

Catering IconCatering

Regular hot drinks and a delicious lunch are included in the course fees. Sadler’s Wells prides itself on preparing excellent food from fresh ingredients.

FAQAny questions before you book?

Still not sure this is the course for you? Get in touch and Bernie would be happy to discuss
the course, there won’t be any hard sell (see money back guarantee!)

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Fees and Discounts IconFees and Discounts

Rate Discount Fee
Early Bird Rate10%£1215 plus VAT
Full Fee Rate0%£1350 plus VAT
Group Rate15%£1150 plus VAT

Early Bird cut-off dates are specified in the order form, but are generally 3 months prior to the first day of the workshop.

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Terms and Conditions IconTerms and conditions

Guarantee 01Satisfaction Guaranteed – or your money back

If you haven’t dealt with us before, there can be a nagging doubt about how good the course will be. People love our courses. I’m so confident that you will too that if you decide to withdraw during the workshop we will organise a full refund. We just ask that you do so during the workshop or within one month of attending the workshop.

 Cancellation Policy

You are free to substitute delegates at any time prior to the workshop for no addition charge – just notify us by email.

You may transfer to another workshop, this will incur a service fee of £130

Late cancellations and No-Shows

Participants who cancel less that 3 weeks before the workshop or are ‘no shows’ will either forfeit the workshop fee, or can transfer to the next available workshop (within 12 months). One such transfer is allowed per workshop place.

Changes to Programme

We reserve the right to alter dates and/or times of workshops if registration criteria are not met or if other circumstances beyond our control prevent the workshop going ahead as planned. In the event of cancellation every effort will be made to contact each delegate and to schedule an alternative session, subject to agreement with the delegate. If this is not possible a refund for the workshop fee will be made. The workshop fee is the sole extent of any liability.

Early Bird Rate

Eligibility of the Early Bird Rate requires that registration and payment take place before, or on, the Early Bird cutoff date. Early bird rates cannot be combined with Group booking rates.

Group Bookings

Bookings for 2 or more people from the same organisation, in the same booking, qualify for the group booking discount. The group booking discount cannot be combined with the Early Bird discount.

Intellectual Property and Copyright

Certification in the ROKS® method is for internal facilitation and personal use. Any other use of the ROKS® method requires written permission from Bernie Smith.

Currency Conversion IconCurrency conversion

If your currency is not GBP (Pounds Sterling), the amount charged is based on the current Google conversion rate plus 2% for credit card payments. For PayPal fees please refer to PayPal website (Cross Border and Currency Conversion Fees in the UK).

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