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Free template: ROKS KPI Canvas for KPI Definition

Introducing the ROKS KPI Canvas The ROKS KPI Canvas serves as a structured memory jogger to help you navigate through the key questions you need to answer in order to fully define your KPIs. Here is what a blank ROKS KPI Canvas looks like: You can download a nice crisp, print-ready, PDF of the ROKS…

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KPI definition. What is a KPI?

It’s tempting to over-complicate things when you try come up with a KPI Definition. The literal meaning is `key performance indicator’. Just knowing what the initials stand for is not that helpful. So what does it really mean? Key means it… ‘provides a means of achieving or understanding something’. Performance means… `a particular action, deed, or…

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Dashboard? That’s just a posh name for a report, isn’t it?

I had an interesting conversation with a company lawyer a little while ago. We were discussing dashboards and she said “It makes me laugh when people talk about dashboards, it is just a posh way of describing a report!”. It made me think as it seems to be a common misconception. What is the difference between…

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A plain English guide to OEE

OEE stands for Overall Equipment Effectiveness. It is a very commonly used efficiency measure. What do we mean by efficiency? Put simply, it is “How much did we make, compared with how much we could have made.” OEE splits our efficiency down into three categories. The idea here is that we can get some understanding…

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Razor burn and pseudoscience

shave gel

I tend to get sore skin if I shave with the wrong type of shaving gel. I’ve finally found a shaving gel that works (Nivea for Men, Sensitive, in case you are asking). What the hell has this got to do with KPIs? Well you can buy at least a dozen different brands of shaving…

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KPI Definition Checklist

It’s all too easy to end up with poorly defined KPIs. If this happens then there may be confusion about the purpose or definition of a KPI. Confusion leads to mistrust and disuse. Use this checklist to see if each of your KPIs and measures is well defined: KPI Name: Use a “what-it-say-is-what-it-is” type name, so that it doesn’t…

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KPI Key Performance Indicator

What is  a KPI? What is  a KPI? The dull, “you can find it anywhere” answer is “Key Performance Indicator” That’s not really very helpful. So what does it really mean? Key means it’s a thing that “provides a means of achieving or understanding something” Performance means “a particular action, deed, or proceeding” Indicator means “a…

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