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Meaningful KPIs – Why use a KPI Tree?

KPI Tree Checklists help you get meaningful trees fast

Creating Meaningful KPIs: Why use a KPI Tree? Most strategic objectives are high-level outcomes. It’s very hard to agree with total confidence that you should, for example, measure ‘process moisture content’ as a way of delivering ‘lowest cost per metre production of all manufacturers’ unless you understand precisely how one links to the other. KPI…

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Managing KPIs with Excel?

took kit

Are you managing KPIs with Excel? I often hear that Excel is not capable of managing KPIs but in reality that is rare. Consider this, your PC, laptop or tablet has more than a million times the computing power of the Apollo moon missions. Excel is an extraordinarily powerful, flexible and widely used application. So…

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The wrong KPI. Dangers of the ‘obvious’ measure

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  One of my favourite examples of the wrong KPI is a measure used in call centres. Most of us have experienced a call centre agent who is clearly dying to get us off the line (even if they are scripted to hurriedly ask you ‘Is there anything else I can help you with today,…

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KPI definition. What is a KPI?

It’s tempting to over-complicate things when you try come up with a KPI Definition. The literal meaning is `key performance indicator’. Just knowing what the initials stand for is not that helpful. So what does it really mean? Key means it… ‘provides a means of achieving or understanding something’. Performance means… `a particular action, deed, or…

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30 Second Tip: Putting the Key into Key Performance Indicators

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How many “top level” KPIs do you have? If you have more than 10 top-level measures then you probably have too many. Building a measurement hierarchy can help show which ones are crucial. Remember to focus on the indicators that support your strategy. If you want to find out how to combine several measure into…

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Do not shoot the messenger

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I have witnessed more debates about KPIs and measures than any human really should. They normally settle into a few clear families. We shouldn’t measure -insert controversial topic- because: It’s too hard/expensive to measure We tried that before and it didn’t work It doesn’t have a causal link with the thing that we are interested…

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Building KPI Engagement

KPIs and measures are like scales and gym membership. They are great, but only if you use them (and regularly). No matter how good your management information system is, you must make sure that the team are engaged with it. This means The team use the system regularly to help make business decisions They trust…

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Setting up your meetings well – 10 point checklist

I’ve sat through a lot of meetings. Many of them were terrible and ineffective. There are a lot of different aspects to a good meeting, some are easier to fix than others. Fortunately one of the most common failings is relatively easy to fix with some careful thought and discussion, namely “What is the purpose…

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Razor burn and pseudoscience

shave gel

I tend to get sore skin if I shave with the wrong type of shaving gel. I’ve finally found a shaving gel that works (Nivea for Men, Sensitive, in case you are asking). What the hell has this got to do with KPIs? Well you can buy at least a dozen different brands of shaving…

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Six KPI selection traps to avoid

Here are some really bad ways to choose the measures you use and report on: Interesting measures – People are driven by curiosity and that’s great, but don’t overdo it. I once worked with a call centre that had 128 KPIs, they just couldn’t bring themselves to leave any out. This is a symptom of…

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