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30 Second Tip: Seek out pain

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  Measure things that are not in control. Organisations tend to shy away from this, as the message initially looks grim. If you are trying to improve things then it’s essential to measure the things that are not working properly. 30 Second Tip: Seek out pain was last modified: October 8th, 2017 by Bernie

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Building KPI Engagement

KPIs and measures are like scales and gym membership. They are great, but only if you use them (and regularly). No matter how good your management information system is, you must make sure that the team are engaged with it. This means The team use the system regularly to help make business decisions They trust…

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Why being bad can be good – Targets, measures and dissonance

I’ve often found that people often get very uncomfortable if you change a measure to show poorer perfomance even if you lower the target proportionately. Let me give you an example. I worked with a paper manufacturer a few years ago. Their (flawed) efficiency measure showed them bobbing between 95 and 105% efficiency. Anyone with…

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Are you confused by your own MI? A half day course

Are you confused by the reports and measures that are supposed to inform you? Do you have meetings where managers blame unpalatable messages on issues with reporting and data? Bernie’s belief is “If you don’t understand a report, the report is badly designed”. In this half day course on report design and usability you will…

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Do You Work for an Idiot?

Here is a process improvement idea for you. It is called “poke yoke”. I am told that that is Japanese for “making things easy to get right and difficult to get wrong”. It is a rather grand name for what my old boss used to call “idiot proofing”. Let me give you an example: think…

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Three questions to tell if your strategy is broken

Imagine going into B&Q, finding one of the helpful staff and saying “You know a lot about tools, I’d like you to recommend a good one please?”. It sounds pretty silly and it’s pretty clear that the response will be “Well, what is it you want the tool for?”. Strangely enough, many people and organisations…

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Let’s stop kidding ourselves

New research shows that we can be tricked into assuming there’s a link between activity and outcomes. Is blind optimism leading your business down a dead end?

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