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Performance measurement, biscuits and a cunning sheep dog

I have always thought sheep dogs were intelligent. I didn’t realise, until recently, that they are smarter than me (well, at least one is). A while ago I was walking with a friend. Her sheep dog, a Border Collie called Harvey, was with us. After 10 miles or so Harvey seemed to be flagging. She…

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Real life measures: Measuring efficiency in offices

 Who is this article for? This article is a fairly technical article aimed at people who are looking to measure the efficiency or productivity of teams in an office-based environment, want a guide on how to measure efficiency and the system options for doing this.   Article facts: Word count: 1320 Approximate time to read:…

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Guest Blog: The 12 Characteristics of Good Performance Measures

KPIs are critical for the success of any organisation. They are a measure of progress against goals. However, not every measure is a KPI. Put it in the words of Albeit Einstein,“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted”. Good performance measures allow for comparisons to be made…

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KPI Key Performance Indicator

What is  a KPI? What is  a KPI? The dull, “you can find it anywhere” answer is “Key Performance Indicator” That’s not really very helpful. So what does it really mean? Key means it’s a thing that “provides a means of achieving or understanding something” Performance means “a particular action, deed, or proceeding” Indicator means “a…

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