5 steps to write better report commentary – How to write a style guide

Do you find your reports read like they were written by people competing to make different points? Do similar sections vary wildly in length, depending on who wrote them? Do the readers come back with basic questions that should have been covered in the commentary? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” […]

Spooks, Star Trek and KPIs

Like 4.6 million other people, I enjoy Spooks. I do find myself wincing a bit when Harry, or whoever, makes completely random requests of his spy geeks and they always come up with the goods – you know the kind of thing – “can you cross reference that train ticket with his gardening bill and […]

Building KPI Engagement

KPIs and measures are like scales and gym membership. They are great, but only if you use them (and regularly). No matter how good your management information system is, you must make sure that the team are engaged with it. This means The team use the system regularly to help make business decisions They trust […]

Setting up your meetings well – 10 point checklist

I’ve sat through a lot of meetings. Many of them were terrible and ineffective. There are a lot of different aspects to a good meeting, some are easier to fix than others. Fortunately one of the most common failings is relatively easy to fix with some careful thought and discussion, namely “What is the purpose […]

New BI tool, but little insight? Practical help in cutting through the data.

You have just implemented a Business Intelligence tool. After the hard work of implementing it you were expecting startling and insightful reports. Instead you are deluged with badly conceived dashboards and reports – adding to confusion, not curing it. What can be done? Every situation is different, but Made to Measure KPIs is unusual in […]

Are your KPI reports a mess? A half day report-design course.

Do you wish you could glance at a simple report or dashboard and instantly grasp the key opportunities for your business? Dashboards have become increasingly popular in recent years, but many don’t deliver their full potential. If they don’t deliver instantly what the user needs, then the chances are they will never be used again. […]