Videos: Designing and Building a Dashboard

Brilliant Excel Dashboards System in action

Watch Bernie prototype and build the Chaos Coffee dashboard, explaining every step, technique and short-cut in 87 minutes of video with commentary. Learn how to build a dashboard five times faster and with extra confidence and a better finished product.

What will these videos do for you?

What do you get?

Watch Bernie take a simple list of KPIs and...

  • Build a prototype dashboard, then...
  • Build functioning Excel dashboard, using the Brilliant Excel Dashboard tools.

Bernie's never going to make it as an actor, but he does know his stuff when it comes to Excel, dashboards and building them quickly.

This pack includes two videos: Prototyping and Build

Run time

Prototyping - run time 30:53

Build -  run time 55:52


Access to the videos is through a members-only page link sent to you after check-out. You can watch the videos on the page or download them watch offline any time.


You need the Brilliant Excel Dashboards Foundation Template Pack to get best use from these videos

Video 1: Dashboard Prototyping

Open Laptop Showing Video - Prototype

What's covered...

  • Chart types. What they do and when to use them
  • Rapidly building prototypes
  • How to place commentary


Video 2: Dashboard Build

Open Laptop Showing Video - Build

What's covered...

  • Stuff
  • Stuff
  • Stuff