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KPI and Dashboard Design Webinars

'A better way to choose your KPIs' Webinar

Choosing KPIs Design Webinarjam C

If you are struggling to...

  • Choose the right KPIs for your business
  • Reduce the number of existing KPIs in your organisation
  • Find agreement on which measures count
  • Create KPI engagement with your team
  • Align your KPIs with your organisational strategy

...then the ROKS method is for you. I am running a 45 minute webinar to introduce this hugely powerful KPI design approach in a clear, story-based way.

'Practical KPI Dashboard Design Using Excel' Webinar

Dashboard Design Webinarjam ad

In the 40 minute session we will cover...

  • The single most important thing you must never do when designing a dashboard
  • A simple set of rules to help keep your dashboards clear and easy to understand
  • Three practical killer-tips for Excel dashboard design

The session will include some useful free downloads and some very special offers.

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