KPI and Dashboard Design Webinars

'How to Build a KPI Tree' Webinar

A 45 minute session covering...

  • What KPI Trees are and when to use them
  • Demonstration, building a real-world KPI Tree
  • Five tips on getting the most from your KPI Trees

The session will include useful free downloads and some a brilliant offer on my KPI Tree Starter Pack.

'Practical KPI Dashboard Design Using Excel' Webinar

In the 40 minute session we will cover...

  • The single most important thing you must never do when designing a dashboard
  • A simple set of rules to help keep your dashboards clear and easy to understand
  • Three practical killer-tips for Excel dashboard design

The session will include some useful free downloads and some very special offers.

'Artificial Intelligence and KPIs' Webinar

Artificial Intelligence can be confusing and overwhelming, as it is a title for multiply types of tools and methods. In this session we look at what elements of AI might be relevant for us in our mission to measure performance. Mike Fish, AI expert and founder of Big Data 4 Analytics, is the star of this session. He talks us through the basics of AI and share some practical steps you can take right now to apply AI methods.

Running time approx 43 mins

A Practical KPI Development Framework with 7 Powerful Steps