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KPI Design and Selection Books

KPI Checklists (Enterprise KPI design system): KPI Checklists is for people who have the task of creating new KPIs for their organisation, have been asked to improve or enhance existing KPIs or need help implementing a measurement system. Using brief explanations and practical checklists, this book will help you deliver meaningful measures that work, create reports that support decision-making and deploy the tools you need to engage the rest of your organisation. Buy now

Getting Started with KPIs (KPI design system and 400+ KPI definitions for SMEs): You may be in a panic over some tough business problems. Perhaps your business is expanding rapidly and it feels like the 'wheels are about to fall off' if you don't get better control. Maybe you have seen KPIs used in other organisations and have a hunch that they could help you achieve your business goals. Trouble is, you don't have any time. Getting Started with KPIs can help you quickly find and deploy the right KPIs to achieve your goals. Written by Bernie Smith, KPI specialist and overloaded small business owner, this book will help you quickly select a handful of powerful measures that apply to your business. The step-by-step approach helps you sharpen your objectives, select the right KPIs, build a simple Excel dashboard then apply those insights to grow your business. Every one of the 400+ included KPIs is defined using plain language and covers business benefits, case-study examples and practical tips. Make use of the exclusive bonus download page to access your free toolkit including pre-built Excel reporting dashboards, printable workbook and spreadsheet toolkit. Bernie Smith, founder of Made to Measure KPIs, has spent ten years working with companies like HSBC, Airbus, UBS and Credit Suisse developing bullet-proof tools for choosing the right KPIs and knowing which ones to forget. Bernie has tuned this approach for smaller businesses bringing you the ground-breaking ROKS Express™. Buy now

Essential KPIs Series  (KPI definitions handbook series): In an ideal world, we would all build our KPIs as a complete 'system', so that they work together to give you a balanced picture. In the real world, sometimes you just don't have the time and just need a ready-defined KPIs to get up and running with measures on a particular aspect of you business or organisation. Find the right guide for you

Dashboards and Report Toolkits

Brilliant Excel Dashboards Manual

There are many good books on how charts and dashboards should be designed, but little practical guidance on applying those design rules to Excel. This book bridges that gap, introducing the science-based principles of designing documents for easy understanding and the ground-breaking BlinkReporting™ approach for implementing those techniques in Excel.

Dashboard Templates Foundation Pack

The Dashboard Foundation Pack is the heart of the Brilliant Excel Dashboards Kit. The template kit enables you to create profession-looking dashboard prototypes in minutes. By using the pre-built chart and commentary designs in the Prototyping Guide and Toolkit, you can be confident that the final approved designs will be perfectly compatible with the Excel Template Foundation Pack (included). This pack enables you to build fantastic, easy-to-understand working Excel dashboards at least five times quicker than building a dashboard from scratch.

Brilliant Excel Dashboards: Pre-Built Dashboards Pack

The Pre-Built Dashboard Pack includes three complete, fully working, dashboards. The dashboards have been built using the Brilliant Excel Dashboards System and you are free to modify and alter them however you see fit (but not resell the originals or modified versions).

Each Pre-Build Dashboard comes with two files...

  • The PowerPoint prototype version
  • The fully working Excel dashboard, with on-page design notes

Videos: Designing and Building a Dashboards

Watch Bernie prototype and build the Chaos Coffee dashboard, explaining every step, technique and short-cut in 87 minutes of video with commentary. Learn how to build a dashboard five times faster and with extra confidence and a better finished product.

Brilliant Dashboards Value Pack - The Complete Kit

This pack includes the complete Brilliant Excel Dashboards System Kit. This kit turbo-charges your dashboard design and build process to allow you to apply the BlinkReporting design approach up to five time quicker than starting from scratch in Excel.

Included in the pack is….

  • Dashboard PowerPoint Prototyping Guide and Toolkit*
  • Six high-quality Excel dashboard template kits, covering daily, weekly and monthly templates (all three provided in both dd/mm – UK and mm/dd – US date formats)*
  • Prototyping ‘Over the shoulder’ Video (31 mins). Watch Bernie create a demonstration prototype dashboard using the Prototyping Guide and Tookit
  • Dashboard Build ‘Over the shoulder’ Video (56 mins). Watch Bernie build a demonstration prototype dashboard using the included dashboard templates. Available to watch on Vimeo and to download.

*Requires Microsoft Office 2016

Consulting Packages

Whilst most of the ideas you need to succeed are in the books Bernie has written, sometimes you just need some practical advice on how to apply those ideas to your organisation. A little help can give you a big boost towards your performance goals.  Bernie can provide an array of KPI and improvement services to give you fresh insight and new angles to tackle your measurement and improvement problems.  A quotation and situation analysis are provided in the 'Initial Review', a completely frank 60 minute phone consultation.

Here's how we do it...

Preparation: We will send you an application form, with costs and payment details for the session. Once payment is made, we will send you a preparation form by email. You can also share any materials or documents you feel will be helpful during the discussion (secure share details are included in the application form).

Timing: We will advise you of the next available consultation slot.

Qualification: Bernie has a lot of demands on his time, with only a few consulting clients accepted. If your need is outside of Bernie's' core expertise he will (gratefully) decline your application but recommend other resources to you.

Focus: These sessions are 100% focussed on delivering the best possible solution to your challenges. There's no agenda to sell further products or services to you, just the intention to deliver the best possible value.

Recording: The call will be recorded and shared with you afterwards, so there's no need to take notes and no chance of missing anything.

Satisfaction: If, within the first 15 minutes of the call, you decide that this isn't right for you, you are free to call a stop to the call - the consultation is free. After 15 mins you are committed to the whole call.

To request an application form and pricing please fill in this enquiry form...


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Training Workshop Packages

Leadership and Executive Workshops

Turning Strategy into Effective KPIs: Learn the simple, repeatable KPI Tree approach to turn strategic objectives into effective KPIs. Contact Bernie to discuss

Turning Data into your Secret Weapon: Most leadership teams know that performance measurement is a critical element in maximising organisational performance, but struggle on a daily basis with management information that is incomplete, not trusted or difficult to understand. This workshop explores how these issues can be quickly and effectively addressed, turning data into an unfair competitive advantage. Contact Bernie to discuss

Training for KPI Professionals

KPI Black Belt Certification: A comprehensive course for developing performance measurement experts within your business who are able to lead successful end-to-end KPI design and implementation projects. Contact Bernie to discuss

Performance Measurement for Lean Six Sigma: Efficiency, productivity, capacity, utilisation and yield are key concepts in Lean Six Sigma deployments. Whilst the measures themselves are fairly simple to explain, applying them can be much, much more complicated. In this course Bernie takes the group through each of the core measures that will be needed, giving very practical advice on how to implement them successfully and the pitfalls to be avoided. Contact Bernie to discuss

Technical KPI Workshops

Brilliant Report and Dashboard Design: Dashboards and reports should be clear and easy to understand, supporting swift and effective decision making. Many organisations struggle with long, complex, ‘pieced together’ reports that are difficult to read and understand. This workshop uses the latest research in cognitive science to help the delegates identify and use simple design guidelines which will give consistent, clear and easy to understand reports and dashboards. Contact Bernie to discuss

Turning Data Into Knowledge: The most commonly used trending and curve fitting tools can give a completely misleading picture of actual performance. Using techniques developed in manufacturing learn how we can reliably separate real performance change from natural process variation. The XmR/ImR approach enables us to provide sound management advice based on statistical confidence, not gut feel or flawed trending tools. This course takes a potentially dry topic and brings it to life with down-to-earth case studies and plenty of practical activities. Contact Bernie to discuss

Engagement Workshop

Simple Effective Performance Measures: Introducing the basics of the Results Orientated KPI System to those that will be part of a roll-out of new, or improved, KPIs. Contact Bernie to discuss