KPI Trees

Ultimate resource guide


Ultimate KPI Tree Build Guide

Learn how to build these powerful graphic tools for KPI selection. Clear, easy to read and fantastic for building buy-in, it's KPI design transformed.

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Writer at typewriter as metaphor for how to write goal statements

How to write goal statements, easily

Discover a simple 3-step method for creating clear, convincing goal statements.

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KPI Tree sample

KPI tree examples

Three professionally-designed KPI Trees to use or learn from.

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KPI Tree on TV screen

KPI tree tools and templates

The best tools to develop full sized KPI trees and a free PowerPoint template to get you started.

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Online KPI Black Belt Programme

More KPI Tree resources

KPI Tree Starter Pack

The KPI Starter pack gives you the tools you need to start building your own KPI Trees straight away. That pack contains...

Sample KPI Tree PDFs...

  • Service Quality KPI Tree
  • Complaints and Incident Handling KPI Tree
  • Finance KPI Tree

KPI Tree Templates

  • Visio KPI Tree Template (for Windows users, desktop Visio only, not cloud)
  • OmniGraffle (for MacOS users)
  • PowerPoint template (for simple KPI Trees on any platform that supports Microsoft Office)

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Premium KPI Tree Packs

Sometimes you just need a menu of good KPIs to pick from. That's what this 'Essential KPIs' series of guides are designed to provide. The problem is that not every business is the same.

So, how do you make sure you fully understand where the KPIs in this pack came from and identify any extra KPIs that may be specific to your organisation? You do this using KPI Trees show the outcomes that each KPI is designed to reflect, so you can understand the logic and reasoning behind each and every KPI in the pack and build on it to identify KPIs specific to your organisation.

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