Practical KPI and Dashboard Design Books


Why targets and incentives fail and how to fix them

Targets and incentives can drive breathtakingly positive results: the moon landings, the eradication of smallpox, or the repair of the ozone layer, for example. They can also have a dark side that can put executives in prison, bring global businesses to their knees, and even cause wholesale loss of life.

Using practical examples and case studies, this book walks you through the essential steps of designing robust, effective, and credible targets and incentives for your organisation. The approach is also perfect for selecting meaningful Key Results for OKRs.

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KPI Checklists

A simple 7-step KPI approach for any situation

Your quick-read introducing the bulletproof KPI creation tool - the Results Orientated KPI System (ROKS). It's aimed at mid-large sized organisations.  Written in a straight-forward and informal way, this book gets straight to the point and covers the steps you need to go through to go from strategy to completed KPIs. You can read it in an afternoon. If you need KPI definitions then Getting Started with KPIs is the book you need.

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Getting Started with KPIs

Instant KPIs for Smaller Businesses

Are you running a small or medium-sized business and looking for a handful of KPIs to help you improve performance? This book introduces the streamlined ROKS Express method and walks you through each of the six steps to take you from business goals through to implemented KPIs, reports and dashboards. The book includes 413 carefully chosen and defined KPIs and an easy-to-understand method to choose the right ones for your business.

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Essential KPIs Collection

Instant KPIs for when you know what you need

In and ideal world, we would all build our KPIs as a complete 'system', so that they work together to give you a balanced picture. In the real world, sometimes you just don't have the time and need a ready-defined KPIs to get up and running with measures on a particular aspect of you business or organisation.

These 'Essential KPI' guides are handy packages of ready-defined KPIs on a wide range of topics. Each KPI is from the ROKS Express™ System (the full ROKS Express™ system and all of the KPIs from the Essential KPI guides are included in Getting Started with KPIs).

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Brilliant Excel Dashboards Manual

The Brilliant Excel Dashboards Manual takes you on a fascinating exploration of how readers can be easily confused by poor design, and the rules to follow to make sure it doesn't happen to your dashboards and reports. All of the advice is backed up with simple step-by-step tutorials on how to apply those rules to your own Excel charts and tables.