KPI Certification: Transform Your Career

KPI heroes aren't born. They're made.

Our online KPI certifications and courses are designed to cut through the noise, offering step-by-step guidance that reveals the hidden potential of your organisation. By focusing on what gives the biggest rewards, we help you gain control, run your organisation on facts, and unleash its latent potential. That's the power of an effective performance management system.

With our key performance indicator professional certifications, you're not just finding measures; you're mastering the art and science of performance measurement, transforming into a KPI hero made for success.

It’s not the data alone, but the insights that make a KPI hero.

At Made to Measure KPIs we understand that finding and implementing the right performance measures can be a daunting task, often leaving businesses overwhelmed with data yet unsure if they're focusing on what truly matters. That's where our unique approach comes in.

We designed KPI Academy, our dedicated sister site, which specialises in offering courses for those aiming to become a certified KPI professional. Through KPI Academy's online KPI training and development, we demystify the process of choosing and deploying KPIs whilst incorporating industry best practices, turning what seems complicated and confusing into an intuitive and rewarding experience.

Why become a certified KPI professional?

Our online KPI certification courses and training, designed and developed over 17 years by renowned industry leader Bernie Smith, equip participants with cutting-edge skills and knowledge, enabling you to transform complex data into actionable insights.

  • Elevate Your Expertise: Gain advanced knowledge in the fundamentals of performance management and measurement.
  • Variety of Courses: Choose from a range of courses focusing on KPI training and development.
  • Diverse Certification Options: Choose from our ROKS Professional certification for a comprehensive understanding of our entire online curriculum, or opt for ROKS Specialist certifications, focusing on specific topic areas within the curriculum to tailor your learning experience.
  • Integrated Toolkit: Acquire a comprehensive toolkit used by organisations worldwide.
  • Fast-Track Your Career: Accelerate your professional development in the field of KPIs by acquiring a recognised industry certification.
  • Strategic Impact: Empower yourself to make meaningful strategic contributions to your organisation and to position yourself as an integral part of your organisation’s strategic planning.
  • Master the Art and Science of KPIs: Develop skills in identifying, analysing, and implementing crucial measures.

KPI Tree Masterclass in Den Bosch

 Having completed any ROKS Specialist certification, graduates are featured on our official ROKS Specialist Graduates page, while those who achieve the ROKS Professional certification have their profiles showcased on our prestigious ROKS Professionals: Trusted Partners page.

Our Certificates:

Our certifications are both trusted and verifiable, thanks to our collaboration with Polygon ID. This advanced identity solution ensures your digital credentials are secure, private, and based on the robust Verifiable Credential standard. Additionally, we utilise Decentralised Identity (DID) technology, granting enhanced control and security. This means our certifications are not only credible but also adaptable and private, allowing for secure verification without centralised oversight.

What our students say...

"Since completing KPI Bootcamp and then my KPI Black Belt, I feel I have the skills and motivation to guide my clients through successful KPI implementation. Thanks
Bernie for the amazing learning!"

Ricardo Faria

"The training was excellent, and the examples and practicable exercises help to connect the methodology and make it easy to understand selecting the KPIs. Bernie has great knowledge and experience in the field - which brought the workshop to life."

Course Graduate

"Even if you have worked on business or process optimisation in the past, the KPI Black Belt programme gives some excellent new insights and also ensures structure around the processes."

Kylie Birleson

"A useful session to introduce the importance of KPIs and get buy-in from managers. In addition, it is a useful programme for employees to understand how KPIs are built and how they affect corporates and individuals."

Course Graduate

Looking for a human touch?

Embrace a more personalised approach to KPI training and mastery with Made to Measure KPIs, where industry veteran Bernie Smith leads in-person workshops, coaching, and consulting services.

Ideal for those seeking a human touch or companies desiring in-house training and KPI certification for employees, our offerings combine Bernie’s extensive experience with interactive, tailored learning experiences. As an acclaimed author and expert in the field, Bernie delivers practical strategies and insights, empowering you and your team to elevate your organisation's performance measurement to unprecedented levels.

PIF ROKS KPI Professional and Practitioner Group 2023

Get started for free!

Considering KPI training but hesitant about investing in a paid course? Begin with our free offerings! Explore our insightful webinars at no cost for a preview of our expertise, or sign up for our complimentary KPI Kickstarter email mini-course using the pop-up bar on any page of our website.

These resources offer a risk-free introduction to KPIs, delivering practical tips and insights to your inbox. They're ideal stepping stones towards our comprehensive courses, letting you start your KPI mastery journey today, free of charge and full of learning opportunities.

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KPl certification is a professional accreditation that demonstrates expertise in Key Performance Indicator (KPI) development, implementation, and analysis. It validates your ability to effectively use KPIs for performance measurement and improvement.

KPI certification is ideal for professionals in business analysis, project or performance management, business owners, and any role requiring the use of data-driven decision-making. It's also beneficial for those looking to enhance their resume and professional standing.

Depending on which KPI certification course you choose, you'll learn how to identify relevant KPIs, develop effective measurement strategies, analyse performance data, and communicate insights. Our courses cover both the theoretical aspects of KPls and practical application in various business contexts.

We offer a range of self-paced courses culminating in the ROKS Specialist certification. These course lengths vary from a few hours to a few weeks depending on your preferred pace. Our ROKS Professional certification consists of a hybrid programme running over 14 weeks.

With many brand-name organisations (for example Airbus, HSBC, KSA Public Investment Fund) using our systems, methods and training, our KPI certifications are widely recognised and respected across a range of industries. 

For our self-paced courses, you gain immediate access to to the course upon purchase which you are then free to work through at your desired pace. The modules within the course must be completed in sequence to progress. For our KPI Black Belt programme, the course material is 'dripped' over the 12-week programme duration, with new material being made available each week. This ensures that students get full value from each session by completing assignments and tutorials alongside the online learning modules.

To complete our self-paced courses, you will need a computer (a PC or Mac will work) as well as a decent internet connection.

To take part in the KPI Black Belt programme sessions you will need...

  • A computer (either a PC or Mac is fine)
  • A decent internet connection (good enough for a stable Zoom/Skype/Teams video call)
  • A headset to talk on (avoids feedback and poor sound quality)
  • Zoom (a free download)
  • PDF viewing software (for example Adobe's free Acrobat Reader, Apple's Preview or Window's PDF Reader)
  • Chrome web browser. Others may work, but Chrome definitely works!

No, for copyright protection the videos can only be viewed through your KPI Academy account. Your initial access is valid for one year, but renews each year with your subscription.

Absolutely! Get in touch by booking a free introductory call to explore the options.

Completion of our KPI certification courses does not require any prior learning or skills. Simply purchase your course, ensure you have the necessary IT equipment, and allow us to guide you from start to finish.

  • ROKS Professional: This certification offers a comprehensive understanding of the entire range of KPI methodologies. It's designed for those seeking an in-depth, all-encompassing knowledge of performance measurement and management.
  • ROKS Specialist: This certification focuses on specific areas within the KPI curriculum. It's ideal for professionals who want to develop expertise in particular aspects of KPIs, such as data analysis, strategic development, or performance reporting.

KPI Academy is our dedicated sister site that offers all our KPI-focused courses. While Made to Measure KPls provides expert guidance and resources in performance measurement, KPI Academy is specifically designed for delivering our educational content.

It hosts a range of courses, including the ROKS Professional and ROKS Specialist certifications, catering to various needs in KPl mastery. Essentially, KPI Academy serves as the educational arm of Made to Measure KPIs, ensuring a focused and comprehensive learning experience in the field of KPIs.

Our certification courses range in price with our ROKS Professional certification being the most expensive. Our ROKS Specialist courses are shorter, more tailored learning experiences for affordable prices. Click here to view our Popular Courses on KPI Academy with their respective prices.

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