Brilliant Dashboards – The Complete Kit

brilliant excel dashboard full kit, showing all four packages

Included in the Full Kit...

Brilliant Excel Dashboards Templates Pack

The Dashboard Foundation Pack is the heart of the Brilliant Excel Dashboards Kit. The template kit enables you to create profession-looking dashboard prototypes in minutes. By using the pre-built chart and commentary designs in the Prototyping Guide and Toolkit, you can be confident that the final approved designs will be perfectly compatible with the Excel Template Foundation Pack (included). This pack enables you to build fantastic, easy-to-understand working Excel dashboards at least five times quicker than building a dashboard from scratch.

The finished dashboards don't just look fantastic, they are designed from the ground up using BlinkReporting method of chart design to give the reader the most rapid possible understanding of the information within the dashboard. The BlinkReporting approach applies cognitive-science-based design approach in an easy-to-use package. (Check out the Brilliant Excel Dashboards Manual for the inside track on this.)

The pack includes...

  • Prototyping Guide and Toolkit
  • Prototyping A4 Canvas
  • Prototyping A3 Canvas
  • Prototyping Letter Canvas
  • Prototyping Tabloid/Ledger Canvas


Six high-quality Excel dashboard template kits (as .XLSX files*)

  • Monthly Dashboard Template Foundation pack - UK date format
  • Weekly Dashboard Template Foundation pack - UK date format
  • Daily Dashboard Template Foundation pack - UK date format
  • Monthly Dashboard Template Foundation pack - US date format
  • Weekly Dashboard Template Foundation pack - US date format
  • Daily Dashboard Template Foundation pack - US date format

*All templates require Microsoft Office 2016 or later

Includes full user guide in workbook.

Brilliant Excel Dashboards Templates-01
Brilliant Excel Dashboards Videos-01

Brilliant Excel Dashboards Video Pack

Watch Bernie prototype and build the Chaos Coffee dashboard, explaining every step, technique and short-cut in 87 minutes of video with commentary. Learn how to build a dashboard five times faster and with extra confidence and a better finished product.

Full demo

Bernie runs through prototyping and building a fully working dashboard for an example company - Chaos Coffee

Chart types explained

Each graph type, and when to use it, is explained in simple terms as Bernie prototypes and builds the dashboard

Practical tips

Sensible advice on Excel short-cuts and techniques which will help you with prototyping your dashboards

Watch Bernie take a simple list of KPIs and...

  • Build a prototype dashboard, then...
  • Build functioning Excel dashboard, using the Brilliant Excel Dashboard tools.

Bernie's never going to make it as an actor, but he does know his stuff when it comes to Excel, dashboards and building them quickly.

This pack includes two videos: Prototyping and Build

Run time

Prototyping - run time 30:53

Build -  run time 55:52


Access to the videos is through a members-only page link sent to you after check-out. You can watch the videos on the page or download them watch offline any time.


You need the Brilliant Excel Dashboards Foundation Template Pack to get best use from these videos

Brilliant Excel Dashboards Samples Pack

The Pre-Built Dashboard Pack includes three complete, fully working, dashboards. The dashboards have been built using the Brilliant Excel Dashboards System and you are free to modify and alter them however you see fit (but not resell the originals or modified versions).

Each Pre-Build Dashboard comes with two files...

  • The PowerPoint prototype version
  • The fully working Excel dashboard, with on-page design notes

1. Roughshod Repairs Contact Centre - Daily Operational Dashboard

Roughshod Repairs run a small contact centre and like to have a daily operational dashboard to tell them how they are coping and to review expected volumes for the coming days.

2. Mayhem Manufacturing - Weekly Production Dashboard

Mayhem manufacturing have a weekly operations meeting. This dashboard provides all essential discussion points for that meeting.

3. The Cat Herding Society - Monthly Performance Dashboard

The Cat Herding Society, an independent charity, have built a monthly dashboard to review donations, fund-raising performance and costs.

Brilliant Excel Dashboards Samples-01

Satisfaction Guarantee: If, after watching the videos and following the notes, you do not feel that the Brilliant Excel Dashboards Kit has made your dashboard building significantly faster and better – then contact me for a full and courteous refund.


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