Brilliant Excel Dashboards Manual

Make Brilliant Dashboards Using Excel

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There are many good books on how charts and dashboards should be designed, but little practical guidance on applying those design rules to Excel. This book bridges that gap, introducing the science-based principles of designing documents for easy understanding and the ground-breaking BlinkReporting™ approach for implementing those techniques in Excel.

How will Brilliant Excel Dashboards Help me?

  • Step-by-Step Examples

    Step-by-step examples show how you can create brilliant, clear and useful reports and dashboards. (Examples are for Excel 2016)

  • The Science of Understanding

    Learn about the science behind the design principles, enabling you to understand a tweak the approach to really me your target audiences specific needs

  • Helpful Review Tools

    Free downloadable tools  will help you systematically analyse and improve your dashboards and reports

What do I get?

  • An eBook download (PDF) with 87 A4 (letter if you are American) pages of hints, tips, lots of illustrations and detailed instructions.
  • A simple-to-use Excel book of examples from the book. Perfect to copy and customise for your next dashboard or report.
  • A 5-page Design Checklist PDF to help you pinpoint which parts of your existing reports and dashboards work and which need improvement.

About the Author

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Bernie Smith coaches businesses to develop meaningful KPIs and present their management information in the clearest possible way to support good decision making.

As the owner of Made to Measure KPIs, he has worked with major organisations including Airbus, HSBC, UBS, Lloyd’s Register, Scottish Widows, Tesco Bank, Yorkshire Building Society, RSA and many others.

Previously, Bernie led teams delivering operational improvement in FTSE 100 companies using Lean and Six Sigma approaches. This took him to the US to help paper makers, Finland, to make olefins and Wrexham to package cheese.

Bernie lives in Sheffield, UK, with his wife and two children and some underused exercise equipment.

What people are saying about ‘Better Excel Dashboards Manual’

It was the science and psychology behind the reporting that I found fascinating. Very informative, practical read and surprisingly entertaining.”

John Spencer, Advantis

“I found Made to Measure KPIs entirely by accident whilst looking for some practical KPI help. This book is a breath of fresh air, with its task-focussed step-by-step guides and engaging explanations of the science behind those steps.” – Richard Holloway, Boxwood Consulting

Brilliant Excel Dashboards takes the trees away from the wood allowing you to focus in on what’s important to your business. Clear concise and user friendly step by step guides allow for a pleasurable and informative read.” – Simon Snow, Senior Manager, Scottish Widows

Part of the Brilliant Excel Dashboards System

As part of the Brilliant Excel Dashboard System, this manual is specifically designed to work with the tools and templates of the BlinkReporting™ approach explained in this manual.


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    • Thanks Andrew! Your feedback has made my day!

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