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Insider Tips from an OKRs Coach

By Ben Lamorte | October 2, 2014

OKRs and KPIs go together ‘hand in glove’. In this article Ben Lamorte of gives us some practical examples of OKRs. Check out his introduction to OKRs – ‘Taking KPIs to the next level with OKRs‘ in his earlier blog for a bit of background on OKRs. OKRs, being clear on terminology Before we…

Ben Lamorte, owner of

Taking KPIs to the next level with OKRs

By Ben Lamorte | June 26, 2014

Ben Lamorte Guest author As more and more organizations look to improve corporate performance management with best practices such as driver-based planning, introducing leading indicators in addition to lagging indicators, and moving from annual budgeting to rolling forecasts, one model for performance management seems to be making the most impact. The model, Objectives and Key…

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Managing KPIs with Excel?

By Bernie | March 13, 2014

Are you managing KPIs with Excel? I often hear that Excel is not capable of managing KPIs but in reality that is rare. Consider this, your PC, laptop or tablet has more than a million times the computing power of the Apollo moon missions. Excel is an extraordinarily powerful, flexible and widely used application. So…

The Problem with Management Information

By James Lawther | July 24, 2012

My local taxi company has been taken over.  It has been bought out by Taxi-Rank Services PLC. They have started to apply big business thinking to a small business. It is a revelation. As you know, “what gets measured gets managed” so the first job, post take-over, was to apply a little science to their…

4 Dos and Don’ts For Leveraging KPIs to Improve Business Results

By Marci Reynolds | December 21, 2011

Leveraging KPIs does not always go as planned Rewind 20 years ago, our systems and processes did not always provide the data and reporting that we needed to effectively run our business. Today, with the incredible advances in most CRM, BPM, ERM (insert acronym here) systems, we often have too many numbers available to us.…

Design Principles for an Effective Management Control System

By Bernie | November 29, 2011

Here’s a 30 second guide to what makes up a management control system. A clear set of strategic objectives A method for translating strategic objectives into practical measures and KPIs that every person in the organisation can affect in some tangible way Trusted, clear and accurate management information. Produced in timely way, to the right…

Do You Work for an Idiot?

By James Lawther | July 9, 2011

Here is a process improvement idea for you. It is called “poke yoke”. I am told that that is Japanese for “making things easy to get right and difficult to get wrong”. It is a rather grand name for what my old boss used to call “idiot proofing”. Let me give you an example: think…