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You are on the right site if you need to...

  • Set up new measures, KPIs or metrics
  • Improve your business or organisation through measurement
  • Create clear, easy to understand, reports or dashboards

Creating good measures isn't easy but it doesn't have to be complicated. I share a lot of my material for free, but if you want the whole story in a convenient format then I suggest you have a look at my books, KPI Checklists and BlinkReporting.

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What is a KPI? Explanation video, with kittens

So what is a KPI? What is a KPI? You see them every day, but probably don’t even think of them as KPIs. If you are watching your weight, then the figure on the scales is a KPI – it’s a measure that you think is important. If you want to keep your driving license,…

KPI Definition Checklist

It’s all too easy to end up with poorly defined KPIs. If this happens then there may be confusion about the purpose or definition of a KPI. Confusion leads to mistrust and disuse. Use this checklist to see if each of your KPIs and measures is well defined: KPI Name: Use a “what-it-say-is-what-it-is” type name, so that it doesn’t…

30 Second Tip: Seek out pain

  Measure things that are not in control. Organisations tend to shy away from this, as the message initially looks grim. If you are trying to improve things then it’s essential to measure the things that are not working properly.

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