Better KPIs Better Business

KPIs and measures can drive a business in the right direction, or become instruments of torture.

I believe that most organisations can do a lot more with the data and systems they already have. This site is all about helping you improve your measures, KPIs and reporting. Dive in, take what you need and let me know if you think there are gaps.

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Bernie Smith

founder of Made to Measure KPIs

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Books on Performance Measurement

  • Powerful, practical methods
  • Step-by-step guidance
  • Straight-forward language
Ultimate Guide

Defining KPIs 101

Need KPIs for your business? Brilliant resources to get you going with Key Performance Indicators


Free Templates

Free Excel Dashboard Templates

Excel dashboard templates to save you time and make you look like a report design rockstar!


Online Learning

KPI Academy

Live and self-paced KPI courses and support on our dedicated learning site

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Ultimate Guide

Performance Index Guide

Creating a simple overview of complex situations using index measures, the right way

Key Concepts

What is a KPI?

A 60-second, plain English guide, on what a KPI is (and is not)

Free Webinar

How to build a KPI Tree

Turn your strategy into meaningful KPIs visually

Ultimate Guide

Key Results Design Guide

Choose Key Results that will deliver results!

Ultimate Guide

Incentive Plan Design

Create motivating incentives that won't backfire

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