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About this pack

Sometimes you just need a menu of good KPIs to pick from. That's what this 'Essential KPIs' guide is designed to provide. The problem is that not every business is the same.

So how do you make sure you fully understand where the KPIs in this pack came from and identify any extra KPIs that may be specific to your organisation? You do this using KPI Trees. KPI Trees show the outcomes that each KPI is designed to reflect, so you can understand the logic and reasoning behind each and every KPI in the pack and build on it to identify KPIs specific to your organisation.

The KPIs in this pack were selected using KPI Trees from the ROKS Express system. This premium pack includes the original KPI Trees so you can review and adapt them. This approach gives you convenience and flexibility. As all the packs in this store were developed from the ROKS Express system, if you decide to add further packs in future, they will work seamlessly together.

What is included

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The printable Premium Essential KPI Guide including full KPI definitions and examples (A4 PDF)

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The KPI Tree source diagrams for the guide KPIs (as PDFs)

KPI Tree Cheat Sheet Ad image

A one-page 'KPI Tree Cheat Sheet' in both (A4 PDF)

ROKS KPI Canvas Ad image

A ROKS KPI Canvas definition templates (Excel template and printable A4 PDF)

KPI Trees in this pack

KPI definitions in this pack

This pack includes...

  1.  C1 Present Customers Waiting for Service
  2. C2 Perishable Goods
  3. C3 Customer Goods Stored
  4. C4 Sensitive Customer Data Stored
  5. F1 Financials
  6. H1 Health and Safety
  7. HR1 Staff and Payroll
  8. HR2 Recruitment
  9. I1 Equipment Investment
  10. I3 Time Investment - New Product Development and Skills
  11. I4 Business Vehicles
  12. M1 Public Reviews
  13. M2 Footfall
  14. M3 Web Marketing
  15. O6 Procurement and Supply
  16. O7 Fulfilment - Product and Services
  17. O9 Equipment Maintenance
  18. O10 Complaints and Incident (Ticket) Handling
  19. Q1 Service Quality
  20. Q3 Guarantee and Warranty
  21. S1 Sales Value, Activity and Results
  22. S5 Sales - Pricing
  23. S6 Sales - Advertising, Pay Per Click & Organic Traffic
  24. S7 Sales Referrals
  25. T1 Business Premises
  26. T2 Stock
  27. U1 Fraud & Theft

Number of KPIs included in KPI Tree: 592

Number of full KPI definitions included in this pack: 239


Still not sure?

Check out the free 'Financial KPIs Premium Pack' to see the type of documents you will get in your pack.


  • Kelly Reimer Heavens, there are a LOT of KPIs here, but good

    There’s a huge selection of KPIs here, possibly a bit overwhelming. We found that we can cut the list down by discarding the categories that aren’t relevant to us. The ones that were left are really helpful.

    I would recommend this pack, but be warned that you will need to put some thought in to cut the list down to the ones you really need.


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