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Free tool: Excel Action Tracking Template

Simple to use, code-free, Action Tracker Template

Action tracker screen snippet

On most projects I end up putting together this Excel action tracking template. It's a minor job, but a bit fiddly. I had a look on Google recently and couldn't find a simple tracker template that worked well, so I designed one. It's a little off-theme for this site, but very useful I think. Most KPI implementation work involves tracking lots of actions, so that's my excuse for putting it here.

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Action Tracker - Screen Shot.fw

This template covers the basics for a good action list:

  • Action name
  • Owner
  • Due by
  • Closed on
  • Hold?
  • Due?
  • Notes

I hope it's self-explanatory, but don't be shy about giving feedback or ideas for improvement. I've stayed away from VB or macros as I know the hassles this will bring in a corporate environment, but it does include some logic and conditional formatting to make it easier to assess how things are going.

I hope you find it useful. Just sign up below to download it....

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