Getting Started with KPIs

Running your own business?

Looking for growth but too busy to measure the things that count?

Need sensible ready-defined KPIs?

'Getting Started with KPIs' gets you up and running with the right KPIs.

The practical KPI system for small and medium sized businesses

Your practical guide to choosing and implementing effective KPIs for your business.

Why you need 'Getting Started with KPIs'

You may be in a panic over some tough business problems. Perhaps your business is expanding rapidly and it feels like the ‘wheels are about to fall off’ if you don’t get better control. Maybe you have seen KPIs used in other organisations and have a hunch that they could help you achieve your business goals.

Trouble is, you don’t have any time.

Getting Started with KPIs can help you quickly find and use the right KPIs to achieve your goals. Written by Bernie Smith, KPI specialist and overloaded small business owner, this book will help you quickly select a handful of powerful measures that apply to your business. The step-by-step approach helps you sharpen your objectives, select the right KPIs, build a simple Excel dashboard then apply those insights to grow your business.

Every KPI is defined using plain language. Business benefits, clear examples and practical tips for each KPI are included. Once you have your KPIs, head to and download the free, pre-built, dashboards that come with this book.

Focus clearly. Grow your business. Sleep better.

What's covered in Getting Started with KPIs

  • Getting Started with KPIs is based on the ROKS Express approach, six simple steps to help you choose the best KPIs for your business.
  • Each of the six steps is covered in depth, with examples, anecdotes and case studies.

The steps of the ROKS Express™ approach cover....

  • Defining your strategy and being clear on your objectives and key results
  • Identifying the 'traits' of your business and choosing candidate KPIs from the 400+ fully defined KPIs provided
  • A structured way to dramatically shorten your list of candidate KPIs and prioritise the ones selected
  • A visual, structured and easy way to define each of your KPIs on just one sheet of paper.
  • The basics of report and dashboard design backed up by bonus downloadable templates.
  • Practical advice on how to implement your KPIs
  • Dealing with some of the many problems that can appear when implementing your KPIs.

Covers 51 'KPI families', with 414 fully-defined KPIs...

Sales Value, Activity and Results
Sales - Hours
Sales - Words
Sales - Contract Services
Sales - Pricing
Advertising and PPC Effectiveness
Sales Referrals
Proposals and Contracts
Service Quality
Product Quality
Efficiency - Widgets
Efficiency - Hours
Efficiency - Words
Efficiency - Contract Services
Efficiency - ServiceProcurement

Call/Email Handling
Equipment Maintenance
Complaints & Incident (Ticket) Handling
Professional Qualification and Membership
Hardware-Goods investment
Property Investment
Time Investment (NPD+skills)
Business Vehicle
Creative Effort
Technical R&D
Service R&D
Intellectual Property Protection (Patents+Copyright)
Business Premises

Customers Waiting for Service
Perishable Goods
Customer Goods Stored
Sensitive Customer Data Stored
Bookings (time slot)
Attendance and Ticket Sales
Public Reviews
Web Marketing
Health and Safety
Admin Effort, Time and Cost
Service Improvement Activity
Production Improvement Activity
Contact Centre Improvement Activity
Staff and Payroll
Fraud & Theft

Image of free printable templates pack

Free downloadable bonus toolkit with every copy

Templates pack, including...

  • Printable workbook templates to use as you work through the ROKS Express™ method.
  • Shortlisting template (Excel) to give you a fast, structured method to select and prioritise the best KPIs for your business.
  • The KPI Canvas -  a one-page visual template to help you fully define your KPIs.
  • Ready-to-use Excel dashboard templates to get you up and running as quickly and easily as possible.
Bernie Smith

About the author 

Bernie Smith coaches businesses to develop meaningful KPIs and present their management information in the clearest possible way to support good decision making.

As the owner of Made to Measure KPIs, he has worked with major organisations including HSBC, UBS, Lloyd’s Register, Scottish Widows, Tesco Bank, Yorkshire Building Society, RSA and many others.

Previously, Bernie led teams delivering operational improvement in FTSE 100 companies using Lean and Six Sigma approaches. This took him to the US to help paper makers, Finland, to make olefins and Wrexham to package cheese.

Bernie lives in Sheffield, UK, with his wife and two children and some underused exercise equipment.


What people are saying about 'Getting Started with KPIs'

Excellent book, really useful practical guide that you can keep going back to. Definitely worth a read if you need to evidence any kind of delivery or want to transform the way your company operates for the better!


Superb. This guide pulls off the neat trick of being thoroughly grounded in both academic theory and extensive commercial practice whilst also being accessible, brief and well structured. Highly practical, packed with reusable materials and tips, and written in good humour this book stands out from the more complex, self important and ultimately forgettable crowd of pristine management books that litter my shelves. I read this book in an afternoon and came away with a heap of new ideas and practical actions. My troublesome short attention span never wavered. Quite simply a must have for anyone interested in the art and science of using measurement to drive performance. Destined to become dog-eared, much referred to and scribbled in....