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Structured Approach to Enterprise KPIs: ROKS Enterprise Overview

Why use a structured approach?

There are a number of pitfalls and hazards in KPI development which can lead to wasted time, effort or poor outcomes. The Results-Orientated KPI System (ROKS™) has been developed to provide the most efficient way to develop and implement effective KPIs as quickly and reliably as possible.

What is the ROKS™ approach?

The ROKS approach is a simple seven-step method for developing key performance indicators (KPIs). It involves identifying the core outcomes an organisation is looking for, breaking those outcomes into two further levels of detail and then identifying the KPIs related to those results.

ROKS Enterprise complete process

Who is the ROKS Enterprise™ approach designed for?

Medium to large enterprises that want to use their strategic objectives to develop focussed, effective set of performance indicators. It can also be useful for smaller organisations with complex or unusual needs.

When not to use the ROKS Enterprise™ approach

If you run a small-medium business where your business goals can be fully described by the following objectives…

  • Run a profitable and solvent business
  • A growing business
  • A balanced quality of life
  • A legal and compliance business
  • An innovative business
  • Manage risk (legal, health and safety, environmental etc.)

.. you will find the ROKS Express™ method is better tailored to your needs.

The ROKS™ methodology provides seven logical steps for KPI development...

ROKS Enterprise Step 1 icon

Step 1: Clear strategy

Agree what you are trying to achieve

  • Review strategy documentation
  • Identify strategic objectives
  • Where and how will your KPIs be used?
ROKS Enterprise Step 2 icon

Step 2: Engage

Engage stakeholders and assess situation

  • Identify key stakeholders
  • Develop communications plan
  • Cognitive design training
  • Review existing reports and dashboards
ROKS Enterprise Step 3 icon

Step 3: Longlist KPIs

KPI Trees to create 'longlist'

  • Draft 'KPI Trees' in stakeholder workshops
  • Run follow-up results mapping workshop
  • Redraft, review and sign off KPI Trees
ROKS Enterprise Step 4 icon

Step 4: Shortlist KPIs

Develop the measures 'shortlist'

  • Workshop importance/ease-of-capture matrix
  • Agree 'use, aspire or discard' list
  • Set up new measures
  • Develop action plans for 'use' and 'aspire' lists
ROKS Enterprise Step 5 icon

Step 5: Define

Define KPIs

  • Precisely define measures and KPIs
  • Document known issues
  • Make definitions and notes freely available
ROKS Enterprise Step 6 icon

Step 6: Prototype

Design and test your dashboards and reports

  • Review the prototype proposals
  • Run dashboard live prototyping sessions
  • Review and revise draft dashboard/report
  • Approval
ROKS Enterprise Step 7 icon

Step 7: Go live

Roll out your KPIs, reports and dashboards

  • Get buy-in
  • Deal with issues with existing data
  • Map the KPI process
  • Seek user feedback and tweaks during nursery period
  • Hand over to 'business as usual' team


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The original guide to the ROKS Enterprise method is KPI Checklists. It's available in paperback, Kindle and ePub format from Amazon and most major online book sellers.

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