Running KPI Stakeholder Workshops

KPI Stakeholder Workshop Tips

KPI Stakeholder workshops are particularly useful when you are interested in gathering problem-related information or need to understand processes. Workshops are less suited to exploring more sensitive topics.

Most of the steps are the same as for a semi-structured interview, although it is wise to dwell a bit less on the background of the participants as this can make some of the more anxious group members uncomfortable.

Key points for running a successful stakeholder workshop are:

  • Be clear about the purpose of the session.
  • Make sure the sessions are not too big (10-12 attendees is the upper limit for one person to facilitate well).
  • Be aware of management structures and make sure you don’t end up with an outspoken manager and his/her tongue-tied subordinates.
  • Be clear and honest about confidentiality and re-use of comments and quotes.
  • Note down key points and play them back to the group at the end to make sure you have understood correctly.

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