Free tool: Excel Action Tracking Template

Action Tracker - Screen Shot.fwtools_tablet_smlOn most projects I end up putting together this Excel action tracking template. It’s a minor job, but a bit fiddly. I had a look on Google recently and couldn’t find a simple tracker template that worked well, so I designed one. It’s a little off-theme for this site, but very useful I think. Most KPI implementation work involves tracking lots of actions, so that’s my excuse for putting it here.

This template covers the basics for a good action list:

  • Action name
  • Owner
  • Due by
  • Closed on
  • Hold?
  • Due?
  • Notes

I hope it’s self-explanatory, but don’t be shy about giving feedback or ideas for improvement. I’ve stayed away from VB or macros as I know the hassles this will bring in a corporate environment, but it does include some logic and conditional formatting to make it easier to assess how things are going.

I hope you find it useful. Just click the link below to download it….

Follow this link to download the tracker: Action Log Template


  1. Manjunath says:

    Hi Bernie

    This Awsome Buddy, PPl who use this only can say how good this is. I really appreaciate your effort. This made my life so easy.


  2. Hi Bernie

    This nice tool.

  3. That is a nice sheet that you got there, I have been also using an excel document I created similar to what you have created. Would be happy to share it

  4. Looks interesting, but I can’t see the link!?

    Am I missing something?

  5. Great tool, very useful!

  6. Juan Gonzalez says:

    Good Morning,

    Hi Bernie,

    This log is great, I noticed the sheet is protected , Can you kindly advise if you can resend it without a password – I wanted to make some changes , I need to create a Log that will be easily pivoted , to later make graphs for it.

    • Hi Juan

      The password is ‘password’, from memory and should be clearly shown on the sheet somewhere. I added very light protection to prevent users accidentally over-writing formulas. I hope this helps.


  7. Hi Bernie,

    This template is very helpful and a great tool!! I have one question, however. I am having a hard time with the conditional formatting for the due date and closed on columns. I want to have a column that says “In Progress” for action items that are in progress. Can you please help me with the conditional formatting or let me know how you went about setting these up?

    Thank you!


  8. Where do I download this tool fromm and is it similar to smartsheet?

    • Hi Ebrahim,

      To download you just need to ‘pay with a like’ – just click the Facebook, Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn like buttons and you will see the download link. Give me a shout if you have any more problems. I don’t know smart sheet, so can’t comment. Thanks!


  9. Dan the Man says:


    I’m not able to see the download link after clicking the social media icons. Is there anything else I need to do?

  10. Bernie – what is the password for unlocking the sheet? Cheers

  11. Laura Wells says:

    Hi Bernie. I don’t see the link to download template. Excited to check it out.

    • If you have an add blocker or pop up blocker it may be messing with my my ‘pay with a like’ plugin. Also might be worth trying a different browser. If neither works then give me a shout and your email address (use the contact page) and I will email it to you. Bernie

  12. Tej Pandey says:

    Hello, i am not able to see the link to download. I tried different browsers but result is same.

  13. Catherine says:

    Hello, the link leads to a Webpage with the information. Nothing is downloading. Please assist.

    • Hi Catherine. It should just download the Excel file as soon as you click on the link. I suggest…
      1. Try a different web browser
      2. Check to see if your antivirus or corporate security tools are preventing the download
      If that doesn’t work, I’ll email a copy over to you.

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