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Why targets and incentives fail and how to fix them

Find the best targets and incentives for any organisation using the ROKET-DS™ approach

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Wednesday, March 30th, 2022

6 hours

Location: Live in Den Bosch, Netherlands. Delivered in English

Price: €895

Learn how to design targets and incentives that work

Signed copy of GAMED, by Bernie, for every student

Targets can be a force for amazing, or destroy an organisation...

At Made to Measure KPIs we know you want to be part of a thriving business that uses performance targets and incentives to motivate your team and deliver fantastic business outcomes.

In order to do that, you need a clear, structured and transparent approach that really works.

Tough questions and plenty of risks

The problem is that target and incentive design is fraught with difficult questions...

  • Which KPIs should I target?
  • How do I stop people cheating? and
  • How do I create a performance incentive scheme that is seen as fair and motivating for everyone?

Getting it right can be complex, time-consuming and there's the constant risk of unexpected outcomes such as legal issues, staff disengagement and poor business results which make you feel confused, stressed and frustrated.

We believe that you can build effective targets and incentives in a low-risk way, without the guesswork.

Lots that needs to go right

We understand there are a huge number of things to think about when building effective targets and incentives which is why we we spent 10 years developing and testing a robust, logical and teachable method that really works..

Develop your powerful targets and incentives


Stop dealing with the fallout and pain from target and incentive problems and start powering your business towards the success it deserves.


Founder: Made to Measure KPIs and KPI Academy

This course is for people who...

  • Are tasked with creating new, effective, performance targets and incentives
  • Need help fixing existing performance targets and incentives
  • Want a structured and practical design framework

By the end of the course you will know how to...

  • Create targets and incentives that align with your strategy
  • Build engagement with your target owners
  • Test your targets and incentives rigorously for unexpected outcomes and dangerous loopholes


Course Objectives

Spot and fix the 33 common target & incentive problems

After spending years picking through the rubble of failed targets and incentives, Bernie has identified four families of target and incentive dysfunction. You will learn how to spot them, fix them, or avoid these common issues.

Design and implement targets that work

Target design shouldn't be based on guess work, hunches or haggling. Learn a bullet-proof nine-step method for getting the handful of sensible targets, every time!

Create incentives that give explosive results

Learn the eight principles you need to apply to build effective incentives and explosive results. Common sense will only get you so far. These rules are based on leading behavioural research, translated into clear, practical how-to advice.

Style and content...

Bernie Smith talking at KPI workshop

High-quality live KPI training

This workshop is presented by best-selling KPI author, speaker and trainer, Bernie Smith. Bernie is the creator of the ROKET-DS system, the target design system trusted by performance specialists the world.

Highly interactive

The workshop is small-group and highly interactive. As well as having the opportunity to jump in with questions and comments at any point, the session uses carefully designed case studies and workbooks to consolidate understanding as we work through the method.

Course content

Using real-life case studies, we explore what makes good, and bad, targets and incentives. Case studies include...

  • Chronic complaint - How poor ambulance targets meant a death could be a success
  • Family friendly motoring - Motor racing rules stretched to the absurd
  • Mutual fun madness - How the investment industry is allowed to 'bury its dead' to inflate performance
  • Medical mayhem - Outsourcers making a healthy profit fixing the mistakes they were paid to make
  • A-grade abundance - Exam grade inflation and what drives i

The four families of dysfunction

The ROKET-DS Diagnostic toolkit

  • Introducing the ROKET-DS approach
  • Step 1: How to identify existing target issues
  • Step 2: Planning target outcomes
  • Step 3: Selecting the right KPIs to target
  • Step 4: Identifying and engaging target owners
  • Step 5: Checking owner agency
  • Step 6: White hat testing targets
  • Step 7: Black hat testing targets
  • Step 8: Fixing problems and retesting
  • Step 9: Managing targets and go live
  • Target design using the ROKET-DS Canvas
  • Incentives and motivation
  • Incentive method intro and Step 10
  • Shizzle Systems case study
  • Gamification
  • Step 11 White hat testing incentives
  • Step 12 Black hat testing incentives
  • Step 13 Fixing problems and retesting
  • Step 14 Manang your incentives and going live
  • Incentive canvas
  • Incentive and full method recap
  • Words of caution
  • Next steps
  • Staying focussed and motivated
  • Keeping in touch

Included with your course...

GAMED Book Mockups D

Your personal copy of GAMED, the book


Premium Access to the GAMED Community Online Space

A community space where you can contact Bernie directly, access bonus tools and templates or just share your good work or experiences with the growing GAMED community.

The community is ad-free and has no nasty tracking.

Lifetime access is built-in to your KPI Academy account and comes as part of your course purchase.


ROKET-DS Printable Canvas Templates

It's easy to get lost in the details of a step-by-step method, so we give you these two brilliantly clear and easy to use templates to help you through the target setting and incentive design sections of the ROKET-DS method.

Format: printable PDF


Full Case Studies

During the course, we demonstrate every step of the method using a clearly-explained case study example.

The Target and Incentive Canvases for the core course case study are included as printable PDFs, for download.

Format: printable PDF


ROKET-DS Issue Diagnostic Tools

When things go wrong with targets and incentives they often fail in multiple ways.

The ROKET-DS Diagnostic is designed to be used alongside the Definitions Diagnostic Reference Handbook to help you analyse and fix problems quickly and to root cause.

Format: printable PDF


Full Diagnostic Reference Handbook

Our course focuses on the ROKET-DS method, based on years of careful research into how targets and incentives really go wrong. These failures have been simplified into four families and thirty three failure types, to help you diagnose and fix target and incentive problems.

Each failure type is catalogued in this handbook, giving you:

  • Issue description
  • Why is is a problem
  • A practical example or case study demonstrating the issue

Format: printable PDF


Excel Definition Tracking Tool

You get a carefully designed Excel tracker tool, to enable you to easily manage and maintain your targets and incentives.

The tool comes ready-populated with two course case studies.

Format: Excel workbook


Design and Implementation Checklists

Included in your download pack 'GAMED: Design and Implementation Checklists' handbook. With twenty-two practical, helpful checklists in a printable guide, this handbook is designed to help you navigate common risks, practical challenges and problems.

Format: printable PDF


Reverse Brainstorming Guide

Reverse brainstorming is a simple, but incredibly powerful method for identifying practical problems before they go wrong. Once you master this technique, you will find it is an amazingly useful tool in many situations beyond Target and Incentive design.

Format: Printable PDF

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About your tutor

Bernie is a highly experienced performance measurement consultant, trainer, speaker and best-selling KPI author. Convinced that there are many lifetimes of terrible KPIs that need fixing, his mission is to share sensible, easy to understand methods with as many people as possible to improve the quality of management information being used around the world.

His ideas have shaped the world of performance measurement and can often be seen referenced, reused and rebadged by others in the field!

Bernie Smith



Bernie travels the world delivering public and bespoke in-house training on performance measurement. All of his material is highly interactive and practical. He can also deliver hybrid, online, training: a mixture of elearning, live training and coaching. Get in touch for a free conversation to explore if this is something you (or your organisation) might benefit from.



Bernie has written nineteen (and counting) books on KPIs and report design. On any given day his books will usually be in the top three for a 'KPI' search on Amazon. Each book is written to be practical, conversational and no-nonsense. Head over to to get more details on his books.


Bernie Smith running a workshop in Riyadh

Every method, checklist and tip in this online training has been derived from Bernie's 25 years of consulting experience. Nothing beats custom advice when the stakes are high and you are under pressure to deliver. Every consulting role is different, so get in touch for a free initial exploratory conversation.

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When you complete your course and pass the unit tests, you will be sent a personalised 'ROKET-DS Target and Incentive Design' certificate to tell others about your KPI skills.

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