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Bernie SmithBernie Smith is an experienced improvement professional and self-confessed measurement and KPI geek. He's worked all round the world in a variety of industry sectors. At the moment he's primarily focussed on Banking and Complaints. If you are interested in the services he can offer give him a call on 07973 631102 or contact him here.

Choosing the best reporting tool for your KPIs

By Bernie | January 4, 2018 | 0 Comments

The chances are your preferred tool for managing your KPIs will be a spreadsheet. Whilst spreadsheets are a good solution for many, it’s worth remembering that there are alternative options for recording, displaying and managing performance data. For certain situations, one of these alternatives may be the best reporting tool for your organisation. Here’s a…

Downloads for Getting Started with KPIs book

By Bernie | December 9, 2017

Getting Started With KPIs: Free Downloads Signup Page Hi Just to make sure you are not a ‘bot, I’m going to ask you to sign up using your email. Please just fill in the box below and you should have access to the free downloads in a few seconds.  Bernie Downloads for Getting Started with…

Protected: Subscribers-Only Free Download Area: Getting Started with KPIs

By Bernie | December 9, 2017

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5 Ways Employee Goal Tracking Can Drive Even Greater Productivity

By John Boudreau | November 28, 2017 | 0 Comments

There is a real connection between employee happiness and an employee’s clarity around their key responsibilities and goals. Happier employees are more productive employees. To drive greater productivity, employee goal tracking software can offer a competitive advantage by providing a framework to remind the team what is most important and how success is measured. For purposes…

Free template: ROKS KPI Canvas for KPI Definition

By Bernie | October 3, 2017 | 0 Comments

Introducing the ROKS KPI Canvas The ROKS KPI Canvas serves as a structured memory jogger to help you navigate through the key questions you need to answer in order to fully define your KPIs. Here is what a blank ROKS KPI Canvas looks like: You can download a nice crisp, print-ready, PDF of the ROKS…

The Units Mixup That Cost $328m

By Bernie | September 20, 2016 | 0 Comments

On December 11th 1998 NASA launched the Mars Climate Orbiter. The probe was designed to measure water distribution on the surface of Mars.  286 days later the $328 million probe arrived at Mars, missing the correct orbit by 100km. The probe dipped into the atmosphere, overheating the engine system. The probe crashed into the surface…

Designing KPIs Infographic

By Bernie | September 1, 2016 | 0 Comments

Designing KPIs Infographic was last modified: December 22nd, 2017 by Bernie

How Apple use ‘Observable Consequences’

By Bernie | August 16, 2016 | 0 Comments

Figuring out how vulnerable your software is to malicious attack has got to be right up there on the ‘hard to measure stuff’ league table. Why? Because anyone who knows how to hack your software probably isn’t going to tell you that they can. The most valuable exploits are the ones that no-one knows about.…

Designing Performance Indexes. The ‘Nuts and Bolts’ Part 2

By Bernie | August 9, 2016 | 0 Comments

Designing Performance Indexes I talked about when you should, or should not, use a Performance Index in Part 1. If you have decided to go ahead this article gives you some practical advice on designing performance indexes. Working out what to include Less is definitely more with Indices. Some, like the FTSE 100, can accommodate large numbers of inputs…

Two minutes: Why come on the Practical KPIs Workshop?

By Bernie | August 4, 2016 | 0 Comments

A two minute video on: What problems the Practical KPIs Workshop will help you solve Who Bernie Smith (the facilitator) is What the ROKS method is and the training approach used in the workshop Sign up here to my KPI Tips Newsletter and get a 10% workshop discount when you book! [wysija_form id=”6″]   This…

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