Data Production – 10 Point Checklist

How good is your organisation a producing the data you need? (we aren’t talking about analysis, see this analysis checklist for that). Carefully answer these questions (you can use a 1-5 scale to improve the resolution of the checklist, where 1 is low/poor and 5 is high/strong).

  1. Does data arrive in a structured way, ready for analysis?
  2. Does data arrive in a timely way, ready for analysis?
  3. Does data arrive in an accurate way, ready for analysis?
  4. Is data tagged/structured in a consistent way to enable consolidation?
  5. Does data require manual intervention to ready it for analysis?
  6. Is the data delivery system(s) robust?
  7. Do we archive data?
  8. How far back can we consistently go with historic data?
  9. Do we have systems contingency in the event of failure?
  10. Do we backup our data and analysis in a structured and consistent way?
Use the low scores in this checklist (and the others on this site) to help you decide where to target improvement to your management control system and management information (MI) production.










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