KPI Design

Guest Blog: The 12 Characteristics of Good Performance Measures

By Peter Chisambara | September 30, 2011

KPIs are critical for the success of any organisation. They are a measure of progress against goals. However, not every measure is a KPI. Put it in the words of Albeit Einstein,“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted”. Good performance measures allow for comparisons to be made…

The science of setting targets…

By Bernie | September 20, 2011

At one point in the late 1980s, the then president of Ashton-Tate (Esber was CEO) proclaimed that every product would need to bring in at least 10% of the company’s revenue or be dropped. This statement had the immediate effect of limiting the company to 10 products or fewer. Further, with dBASE bringing in about…

Smooth bottoms and dashboard design

By Bernie | August 30, 2011

Most people don’t look at the bottom of their laptop. If they do then they will see one of two things: If it’s a Apple Mac the bottom with be smooth and (with the latest ones) completely featureless apart from four rounded rubber feet. If it’s a PC it will have little hatches, a Microsoft…


1000 irritations or 1 catastrophe?

By Bernie | February 14, 2011

How most banks complaints systems drive them to fix trivial problems first and ignore the rarer customer disasters.

Three questions to tell if your strategy is broken

By Bernie | December 14, 2010

Why that call centre wants to get you off the phone…

By Bernie | November 20, 2010

We have all been hurried off the phone by a call centre. Have you ever wondered what made that happen?

Harry Beck

When to leave things out and ignore people….

By Bernie | November 8, 2010

Sometimes things jar when you first see them. I see this a lot with dashboards that I help design (or redesign). People become very wedded to both the look – but more crucially they are wedded to the logic of how something is laid out. I think a brilliant example of this is the modern…