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Four out of five score on blackboard

Assessing Report Design Objectively – Avoiding Fights

By Bernie | October 28, 2014

There are three situations where it can be a good idea to have a structured review of your reports and dashboards… If some of your team are in denial about the need to change existing reports You want some clear ideas on what needs to be included in improved dashboards or reports You have an…

TSR2 A lesson in how not to design dashboards

Dashboard design – lessons from Britains ‘lost bomber’

By Bernie | September 8, 2014

Part of being a geek includes dragging your family round aircraft museums. Wandering round the Imperial War Museum in Duxford last week I came across an impressive looking failure – the TSR2. Britain, like many wealthy countries, has a long and grizzly history of defence projects going wrong. The TSR2 was envisioned initially as a…

Improved KPI reports by understanding thumbs

By Bernie | May 29, 2013

There’s a very interesting article in the Guardian on mobile software design for the real world. One of the points they make is, through watching phone users, the authors of Polar have established that 49% of users drive their phone apps with just one thumb. This is interesting to the app designers for all kinds…

KPI Report Design – Using Science to Improve Readability

By Bernie | July 2, 2012

 Using brain science to design better reports and dashboards   The challenge with dashboards is that we are trying to convey an insanely large amount of information in a very small space. A dashboard I built for a client a couple of years ago had nearly 2,000 pieces of information on an A3 sheet. To be…