Are your KPI reports a mess? A half day report-design course.

Do you wish you could glance at a simple report or dashboard and instantly grasp the key opportunities for your business? Dashboards have become increasingly popular in recent years, but many don’t deliver their full potential. If they don’t deliver instantly what the user needs, then the chances are they will never be used again. Learn how to create or adapt dashboards, so they become a vital tool for your business.

Key themes:

  • Avoid the dozen classic mistakes in dashboard design
  • How to make dashboards easy to understand
  • Using visual effectiveness
  • Use the science of perception to make them easier to understand
  • Organising information to give useability and clarity

At the end of the 3 hour session you will not be an expert in dashboard design, but you will understand the key concepts. You will also be in a better position to decide what steps to take in developing or refining your dashboard(s). The seminar is “mobile” because it comes to you and at a time to suit you. This maximises your time investment as we do the travelling not you.

A few questions you may have:

  • How many people can attend? – Up to 12.
  • What does it cost? – £2000 +VAT (that’s for 12 people, not per head)
  • When can you do it? – When do you want to do it?
  • Are you just going to preach at me? – No, this session is an interactive exploration of the subject.
  • Are you going to try and sell me something? – No
  • What if we get nothing from it? – You get your money back, no questions asked.
  • If you have any further questions, why not give us a call on the number below or email your question to [email protected]

How do I book?

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